AskLRR - Closes November 6th @ 9:00AM PST

Talk about this week's LRRcast and what you'd like to see in future ones.
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Re: AskLRR - Closes November 6th @ 9:00AM PST

Postby Bleydh » 03 Nov 2010, 18:25

Dear LRR,
in Daily Drop you have dropped a lot of objects that either splattered everywhere or shattered everywhere. How long did it take to clean the drop zone between drops and were there any safty concerns due to broken glass, etc.

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Re: AskLRR - Closes November 6th @ 9:00AM PST

Postby The Architect » 03 Nov 2010, 18:38

Given the choice between a very generous production deal with Comedy Central, but which requires the LRR crew to relocate to Los Angeles and a modest (but still a significant increase in available funds) production deal with the Comedy Network that allows you to stay in Victoria, which would you choose?

Video games, rent, buy or rent then maybe buy?

Assuming a wider spread of non-stupid DRMed digital downloads across all game platforms, would your prefer direct downloads of games or do you prefer to physically own a disk?
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Re: AskLRR - Closes November 6th @ 9:00AM PST

Postby JackSlack » 03 Nov 2010, 19:34

Two questions:

1. A couple podcasts ago, you described which tabletop RPGs you play, and I noticed they were all 'classic' RPGs: Toon, D&D, GURPS, Call of Cthulhu. The only one which I think was released after 1990 was In Nomine. Which are all great games, no question. But this seems to be true of most groups I encounter. Why is it that classic RPGs do tend to remain the most popular in play?

2. How's the Daily Drop doing for views?
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Re: AskLRR - Closes November 6th @ 9:00AM PST

Postby Zivlok » 03 Nov 2010, 23:39

In the video "Vote Carefully", the camerawork is credited to one Pual Saunders. What happened to Pual, and will we ever see him again?
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Re: AskLRR - Closes November 6th @ 9:00AM PST

Postby Lord Chrusher » 04 Nov 2010, 01:39

Did you take an steeps, such as placing a piece of glass in front, to protect the high speed camera from flying debris?
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Re: AskLRR - Closes November 6th @ 9:00AM PST

Postby Lyinginbedmon » 04 Nov 2010, 01:45

If you had to choose, and could survive reasonably well despite the loss (assume medical magic is somehow involved), would you rather give up food or drink?
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Re: AskLRR - Closes November 6th @ 9:00AM PST

Postby Emperor Gum » 04 Nov 2010, 09:41

Ever thought of running a Quizbomb (Quiz B-Bomb?) quiz as a forum contest, Kathleen? First one to get all the answers wins?
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Re: AskLRR - Closes November 6th @ 9:00AM PST

Postby tak197 » 04 Nov 2010, 12:02

It's been a while since we asked, I think, so...

Read any good books lately?
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Re: AskLRR - Closes November 6th @ 9:00AM PST

Postby dex-dex » 04 Nov 2010, 15:42

Bill has stated in the past that marmite tastes like a yeast infection.
Recently i re-watched the video and wondered how it did taste. I now agree that is is filth in a jar.
How did you come across the jar of filth and are there people you know who actually like it?
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Re: AskLRR - Closes November 6th @ 9:00AM PST

Postby treklover » 04 Nov 2010, 22:08

If it has not already been asked I would like to hear your opinions on Gordon Campbell stepping down as Premier of BC.
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Re: AskLRR - Closes November 6th @ 9:00AM PST

Postby Carbon8 » 04 Nov 2010, 22:53

To those on the crew playing New Vegas: would you like to see dual wielding of single-handed weapons in the next Fallout installment? For example: twin 357 magnums, dual sub-machine guns or double meat cleavers. If yes, should it be implemented as a perk or just available all the time?

NB: Apologies if this has already been discussed elsewhere.
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Re: AskLRR - Closes November 6th @ 9:00AM PST

Postby Ayailla » 05 Nov 2010, 03:10

What are the crew's responses to half of The Escapist proclaiming their hatred for The Daily Drop on the forum thread for almost every video? Do you feel you need to defend your content or just let the fans do it for you?
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Re: AskLRR - Closes November 6th @ 9:00AM PST

Postby 8bitmaster » 05 Nov 2010, 06:09

so what is your opinion on pc gaming?

If any of you actually play games on pc, what do you think of steam sales?
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Re: AskLRR - Closes November 6th @ 9:00AM PST

Postby So_Crates » 05 Nov 2010, 19:00

Since its that time of year again..Does Matt get his Eggnog drink from Starbucks everyday?

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