LRRcast for January 2012

Talk about this week's LRRcast and what you'd like to see in future ones.
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LRRcast for January 2012

Postby James » 09 Feb 2012, 11:53

You should eat a cake while we talk about things.
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Re: LRRcast for January 2012

Postby Trinhinn » 09 Feb 2012, 12:26

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Re: LRRcast for January 2012

Postby asrz » 09 Feb 2012, 12:31

I got that too after I refreshed the page. The first time it was some Russian news show or something.
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Re: LRRcast for January 2012

Postby Graham » 09 Feb 2012, 12:37

Fixed the link!
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Re: LRRcast for January 2012

Postby Boofinka » 09 Feb 2012, 13:04

Awww, now I kinda miss flute guy.
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Re: LRRcast for January 2012

Postby uchristensen » 09 Feb 2012, 13:06

I have been waiting for this moment, Graham. I believe I just watched you type N-O-W. :-D
Ulrich Christensen
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Re: LRRcast for January 2012

Postby Gap Filler » 09 Feb 2012, 14:08

Who's been complaining about the blonde hair?

Bit envious if I'm honest. I like having long black locks and all but the implicit roadblock to dyeing and highlighting posed by hair as thick and dark as mine is occasionally a little sad.
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Re: LRRcast for January 2012

Postby Vigafre » 09 Feb 2012, 14:11

Oh geez, please don't make me start talking about my opinion of people's hair. I'm too opinionated.

Also, ISC?
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Re: LRRcast for January 2012

Postby SoldieroFortune » 09 Feb 2012, 14:18

Concerning Dwarves, Tolkienic lore puts them with a Scandinavian background. It has only been recently (i.e. WoW) that they have begun to gain a Scottish influence.
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Re: LRRcast for January 2012

Postby JenSev » 09 Feb 2012, 14:41

On Kathleen's comment on her hair, maybe not styling it like Steve Martin would get a better response from me.
I personally cannot stand the man, so yeah.

Also, James... ISC please?
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Re: LRRcast for January 2012

Postby Emperor Gum » 09 Feb 2012, 15:23

In regards Kathcough cough...weeze. Geez, its been a while. Since I haven't posted in like, a year and a half, LRR: still funny, still awesome.

In regards Kathleen's hair, I don't like hair that short on girls and I don't like bleached hair on anyone. I liked it black, red, blond and pink, mind! Maybe you should start a poll?

-(the other) Graham
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Re: LRRcast for January 2012

Postby WAYF » 09 Feb 2012, 15:48

"I'm working my way through Buffy"

The only thing I don't like about Buffy so far is that I discovered it 14 years too late.
(I also don't like Riley and Walsh from Season 4, but I don't think anyone does)
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Re: LRRcast for January 2012

Postby Master Gunner » 09 Feb 2012, 15:55

Same. I started watching it and Angel last year, so good.
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Re: LRRcast for January 2012

Postby the_lone_bard » 09 Feb 2012, 15:56

So uhhhh, anyone elses sound come completely un-synched at about 50mins in?
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Re: LRRcast for January 2012

Postby Vigafre » 09 Feb 2012, 16:02

The sound desynchs in every vidcast, so I kinda just started ignoring.
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Re: LRRcast for January 2012

Postby General Michi » 09 Feb 2012, 16:49

I saw Evil Aliens a couple of years ago with a few friends. We didn't really know what it was going into it but when it started we all just had this look of horror on our faces . . . then we realized what it was couldn't stop laughing the entire way through. Not because it was funny, no no, we made it funny
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Re: LRRcast for January 2012

Postby The Jester » 09 Feb 2012, 16:54

Thank you for mentioning my art! Yaay!

Unfortunately, the second half of my post is not so happy. Kathleen's blonde hair reminded me forcibly of a pornstar called Claudia Downs. :?
But, uh... other than that, it looks good. ;>.>
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Re: LRRcast for January 2012

Postby Undersol » 09 Feb 2012, 18:25

Kathleen your hair is so nice right now. I really like it right now. Forget the haters, you can make them like your hair by continuing to wear it like so and prove them wrong!

I just think it goes well with your features, and if you like it you should really keep it like it is.

Personally I'm jealous because I really want to find a look for my hair that I like...
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Re: LRRcast for January 2012

Postby reptile » 09 Feb 2012, 18:48

SoldieroFortune wrote:Concerning Dwarves, Tolkienic lore puts them with a Scandinavian background. It has only been recently (i.e. WoW) that they have begun to gain a Scottish influence.

A bit older than WoW, certainly. There are a few possibilities in this thread.

Kathleen: If you like the hair color, keep it. I'm mildly biased against bleached hair, so if you really want a recommendation then I'd vote for your natural color--but really, go with what you like, rather than Internet strangers.
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Re: LRRcast for January 2012

Postby Pigmy Wurm » 09 Feb 2012, 18:58

One add issue that Ive had not just with your adds but with many peoples: one of the common post role adds I see is for Green Giant Vegetables (in fact it was the add for this video which is why I thought of this). Now I have no problem with the add its self, but their was a problem with it for about a month that would cause the audio to cut out a second or so in and be replaced with a soft high whistle. Fortunetly they seemed to have fixed it.

And Kathleen I didn't like your new hair at first but a combination of it growing on me and you doing a better job dyeing it (being white instead of a beige/pink color) has caused me to like it more. But over all I really don't care one way or another, its your hair do with it what you wish.
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Re: LRRcast for January 2012

Postby Yaxley » 09 Feb 2012, 20:23

Matt wrote:What you don't know is that Spot the Dog is already in Team Fortress 2; you just haven't looked hard enough to find him.

I take that shit seriously. Don't joke with me unless you're prepared to support the punchline.

Unless you're trolling me and its funny. I'm totally okay with looking dumb if it's for comedy. :P

Also, it doesn't matter, but I like short hair on women. Subsequently, I think Kathleen's hair looks good. Color-wise, I liked the magenta, but the blonde looks good to me. So, Kathleen, make your hair whatever color you damn well feel like.
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Re: LRRcast for January 2012

Postby Tapir12 » 09 Feb 2012, 21:33

Thanks for the mention :) I don't always listen to the LRRcasts, but I really wanted to listen to this one specifically to hear your comments on Voluntourism. I'm glad you guys got a lot of positive feedback, and I thought you addressed the issues really well. I totally understand your perspective and I agree with you for the most part. Volunteering can take many forms. I hope that more people will consider volunteering in the future, in a sustainable and productive way of course ;)

Also, here's a shameless plug.

P.S. I really like Kathleen's hair. It's bold and it suits her personality.
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Postby Afflux » 10 Feb 2012, 01:17

Kathleen, I love seeing the awesome things you've done to your hair over the past few years. This change caught me off guard and I didn't know what to think at first in the Tower Heist Checkpoint episode. Ever since then, though, I marvel at how absolutely amazing it looks. I'm a sucker for both jet black or pure white/silver hair, so take my opinion for what it's worth.

BTW, the Steve Martin joke in that episode had me rolling on the floor for a few minutes.
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Re: LRRcast for January 2012

Postby Lord Hosk » 10 Feb 2012, 01:54

Dear Doctor Kathleen,

Im not a fan of bleached blond hair in general but I really like the styling, and the coloration doesnt look bad on you.
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Re: LRRcast for January 2012

Postby Splunge » 10 Feb 2012, 04:18

Regarding the regional video ads, I live in Australia, and lately I've been getting KY His & Hers ads on every video. Not that I'm a prude, but I still find it kinda... creepy.
Also, big fan of scottish dwarves. Whenever I'm reading dwarf dialog while playing LoTRO, I read it out loud to myself in a scottish accent.
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