Sept 22 - Job Hunt

Talk about this week's LRRcast and what you'd like to see in future ones.
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The Hitman
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Postby The Hitman » 29 Dec 2006, 10:30

Oh, I wasn't accusing you of anything. I was just pointing it out as another interesting piece of trivia.
"Just another Sunday paddleboat ride on a man-made lake with another lady stranger; if I remain lost and die on a cross, at least i wasn't born in a manger."
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Postby TheRocket » 13 Jan 2007, 19:21

Orbitz was amazing!!!

I remember I dropped a bottle and it smashed all over the concrete. I UNLEASHED a world of orbity goodness upon that sidewalk.
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Postby Tuldas » 10 Feb 2007, 21:03

As to short lived caffeine water, Buzzwater is simply caffinated water. Not sure why the idea is still floating around.

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