Galactic Civilization 3 Canadian Civ

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Galactic Civilization 3 Canadian Civ

Postby DericWadleigh » 06 May 2015, 08:55

So I got a review copy of GalCiv3 and I immediately made the Existential Majority of Canadians. Please, enjoy. If you too own a copy of galciv3, just paste the contents of the Rar file below into your factions folder and the game should do the rest. ... sp=sharing

Name: Existential Majority of Canadians.
Short: E=MC2
Ship Callsign: E.H.
Homeworld: Canadia
Leader: The Canadian.

Description: After the third major Canadian civil war, which was purported to have begun when a man shut a door in the face of another, the Canadians' home world was utterly destroyed. Following this tragedy, the Canadian people that were still alive apologized to what remained of their planet and headed off to find another world. Thus was born the Existential Majority of Canadians.
Slogan: I'm Sorry.

Detailed Description: The Canadian, also known as Homo Canadus, is a sturdy and long enduring people able to handle some of the coldest weather and even colder insults that other, less kind races may say to them. The Canadian is well known for it's traditional garb, plaid flannel shirts and a unique hat known as a toque. When meeting a Canadian, feel free to express your knowledge of any other Canadians as this will show an interest in the Canadian people and can often be a great ice breaker. Above all else though, when speaking with a Canadian, be respectful and kind or else you may see the dark, vicious side of the Canadian. Some who have insulted a Canadian have even been known to be called a jerk!

Strengths/Weaknesses: Their strength lies in a great love of flannel plaid and a wonderfully insulating layer of fat. They have long since evolved a mysterious and powerful system of healing known as 'Socialized Medicine'. They do, however, require great intake of the four major food groups: The French Fries group, The Gravy Group, The Cheese Group and The Syrup Group.

The file uses a snapshot of Paul in the plaid and toque at the start of the "The Canadian" video as the race image. Honestly, this all started as a gag race and now I'm actually going to play it. Just remember though, Canada is a peaceful people, they have major starting debuffs to war and cruel actions. They have bonuses to growth and happiness. They are a benevolent people.
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