The math on how big is Rocket League

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togashi naruta
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The math on how big is Rocket League

Postby togashi naruta » 22 Oct 2015, 13:51

So if you go into training and shoot a ball at the goal and stay next to it, as it scores, you can get a MPH on how quickly the ball hit the goal from midfield.

This isn't a perfect calculation because the ball does lose speed as it travels, but by hitting at different speeds and accounting for human error on the stopwatch, I'm fairly convinced that it is close to 50m from center to goal line.

This means the Rocket league court is the size of a FIFA football field.

And to measure the car, I counted ~21.5 of those "Rocket League" panels, so that would make each one about 4.65 m long. The default car is about half the length of the panel, so that means the default car is a little over half a DeLorean.

If anyone wants to see the math, let me know
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Re: The math on how big is Rocket League

Postby romangoro » 23 Oct 2015, 16:52

I was asking this on stream the other day, so thank you!
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Re: The math on how big is Rocket League

Postby ChroniclerC » 24 Oct 2015, 01:19

I support your use of "DeLorean" as a unit of measurement.
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