Drakengard 3

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Drakengard 3

Postby Kathleen » 01 Dec 2014, 13:49

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Re: Drakengard 3

Postby Bratmon » 01 Dec 2014, 15:16

I was hoping that after she killed the narrator, Graham and Paul would decide that there's no farther reason to be here, and leave the rest of the cutscene to run.

Just because of the confusion that would create.
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Re: Drakengard 3

Postby Jenelmo » 01 Dec 2014, 23:07

Was i the only one who when the video said "It's time" started singing "It's time to start the stream"
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Re: Drakengard 3

Postby DaMage » 02 Dec 2014, 02:18

This is the funniest unskippable in a while that I have watched....that cutscene had so many jarring cuts and changes, and Graham and Paul were just gold.
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Re: Drakengard 3

Postby romangoro » 03 Dec 2014, 06:47

Killing the narrator: clever subversion or clumsy coverup for the writer leaving in the middle of the production?
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Re: Drakengard 3

Postby Clypheous » 03 Dec 2014, 11:33

When you captioned it "It's a bad day to be a narrator" I had no idea how bad it was actually going to be. Seems like it was pretty bad.

That opening cutscene looked like it took 3-4 different styles, threw them all together into the movie-o-matic and then said "well, we're done here chaps" and called it a day. That was hilarious, the game looks hilariously bad and just general hilarity shall ensue now.

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