CheckPoint 161 - Twitchazon

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CheckPoint 161 - Twitchazon

Postby Graham » 04 Sep 2014, 00:08

With a last-minute rewrite when the news came, let's look at Amazon buying Twitch. Also, "Fish Plays Street Fighter".
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Re: CheckPoint 161 - Twitchazon

Postby sibrenfetter » 04 Sep 2014, 01:21

Kathleen putting down the knowledge! Great!
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Re: CheckPoint 161 - Twitchazon

Postby UNHchabo » 04 Sep 2014, 10:28

Wow, was the Twitch segment the single-longest Checkpoint segment you've ever aired?

The Twitch segment was 2 minutes, 45 seconds; the longest previous segment that came to mind was the title story from "The Accidental War" (the big Eve Online battle), which came in at 2 minutes, 12 seconds.

I want to stress I'm not complaining at all; I love in-depth coverage, and that Eve segment is still one of my favorite segments you've done on this show.
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Re: CheckPoint 161 - Twitchazon

Postby MinuteWalt » 10 Sep 2014, 06:07

Daaaaaang! Kathleen learned us!

I've never felt this educated by LRR before. This was a great way of putting it all in a nutshell for us. A large nutshell.

I'm not going to start in on the nut jokes, though. Someone else can do that.

Also, that's a nifty sport coat, Graham.

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