TTC 119 - Brewing a Highlander Deck

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TTC 119 - Brewing a Highlander Deck

Postby Graham » 05 Mar 2016, 11:25

This week on TapTapConcede join Alex and Cameron as they live brew a brand new Canadian Highlander Deck [Golgari Aggro]
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Re: TTC 119 - Brewing a Highlander Deck

Postby Asthanius » 05 Mar 2016, 15:04

Not sure if anyone's even going to see this, but what about Victim of Night? Unless the local meta has too many zombies and/or vampires, of course. Similarly, what about Golgari charm to counter wraths?
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Re: TTC 119 - Brewing a Highlander Deck

Postby theycallmejokke » 06 Mar 2016, 10:05

Canadian Highlander isn't really my cup of the, but this sorta reminded me of Greham and Adams wrestling podcast in that I don't watch wrestling but I still enjoy their podcast, so while I don't play Canadian Highlander it was really interresting listening to Calex brew away.
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Re: TTC 119 - Brewing a Highlander Deck

Postby Dandinstorm12 » 06 Mar 2016, 21:49

So, Experiment One? Avatar of the Resolute? Vinelasher Kudzu? Glissa the Traitor? Chittering Rats? Pack Rat? Vines of the Vastwood? Choke? Beast Within? Garruk Wildspeaker? Wasteland? Master of the Wild Hunt? Mutagenic Growth? Sudden Death? Slaughter Pact? Survival of the Fittest? Fulminator Mage? Visera Seer? Chainer's Edict? Tragic Slip? Gatekeeper of Malakir? Nissa, Voice of Zendikar? Demonic Tutor?
I wrote this list as I was watching and got rid of the cards you have already mentioned. I apologize for any I might have missed. I avoided mentioning cards I expected you to say.
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Re: TTC 119 - Brewing a Highlander Deck

Postby unknowngamer » 06 Mar 2016, 23:04

This was interesting to listen to, because a lot of the combos that were put into the deck are ones I have in my Kresh the Bloodbraided EDH deck, which I've actually considered turning into a highlander deck. As they went through it though, I realized I don't have the money to get the manabase or the really important staples. Red black aggro might be more doable, but this is mostly just academic anyways since no one I know plays highlander.

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