Arena of the Planeswalkers (the MtG board game)

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Arena of the Planeswalkers (the MtG board game)

Postby Phosphatide » 04 Aug 2015, 18:29

The game was finally officially released on August 1st, but I've had it since around July 14th or so thanks to the early soft release on Amazon. I played like 8 sessions of the game so far and I'm still enjoying it.

The game is a fun and interesting mix of Heroscape and Magic, with more of the former than the latter. Gameplay falls under the war game genre, but unlike other board games of the same playstyle it takes significantly less time to finish a game; about 10-15 minutes per player. Great for that quick fix for a wartime strategy game without needing to set aside 4 hours of the day just to finish a single session.

GenCon 2015 brought about the long-awaited news about expansions for the game, which all we know so far is that we can expect them in January 2016. Supposedly more info will be revealed at PAX.

Anyone else here play the game yet? With an MSRP of only $30 it's worth picking up from your local Target or Walmart or whatever now that it's finally publicly released.

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