Re: Wererats (Betrayal at Baldur inspired rant)

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Re: Wererats (Betrayal at Baldur inspired rant)

Postby Thrythlind » 09 Dec 2017, 05:44

Art in link:

So a while back, I was in a PBEM campaign involving a player who had a paladin which was the bane of my existence. He roleplayed inconsistently swinging from rational to Lawful Stupid Idiot including such things as butting in while my drow cleric was negotiating with a suspected vampire and starting a fight with her that resulted in me getting energy drained. And later interrupting a negotiation with a half-orc general whom was offering a deal of single combat and I was trying to manipulate into a matter of benefit to our team before the paladin decides to but in and start spewing a stream of vitriol including speaking crap about the half-orc's honor and parentage. Low and behold, instead of a duel which we might have been able to tweak in our favor, we favor a siege of orcs. Later in the battle, the half-orc gets shot off his giant bat into our courtyard and I, in position as Lt of the group, send three people to go fight him while I continue applying arrow to orc.

The til-then reliable fighter goes off to listen to some other unit's lieutenant. The eager-young newbie drow skirmish-style fighter charges valiantly forward obeying my order. And the paladin decided he was going to try to talk down the orc he'd harangued previously into backing down. I had to get off the wall to save the overly eager low-level new PC and then the company captain chewed me out afterwards for micromanaging!

I was so frustrated afterwards that when I started a new game I decided to play a paladin as un-paladin like Paladin I could think of. In that, she stayed true to the requirements of a paladin but did none of the jackass stuff paladins are stereotyped as but don't need to be. Which resulted in my wererat: Jhessail Crackstone, a natural born wererat raised as a paladin of Kelemvor to hunt and kill undead. The GM let me use Hengeyokai stats instead of wererat stats, but let me consider it a wererat in the fiction of the game.

I managed to play that game for a year with the other players thinking I was playing a human rogue because I just never mentioned being a paladin and they assumed I merely had lots of items to do magic stuff with. And wererat is probably the only lycanthrope that can go hybrid and not ruin their clothes.

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