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Postby Paul » 14 Apr 2015, 10:14

The judges select the winner of this year's Tabletop Deathmatch! The winner gets a bunch of stuff, and that's great. But most importantly, you learned about eight new games, and maybe you learned something about making your own tabletop game.

Now, let's discuss the results!!!
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Postby romangoro » 14 Apr 2015, 10:36

Before I finish watching, I want to say I like the editing direction (?) on this season, the mixture of playtesting, interviews, and so on during each episode. Maybe it didn't always hit (I for one had a few problems with the introduction specially on the first half of the season), but I really like how you experimented with that.

ETA: Also, can you at some point explain what's up with the sword???
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Postby SoSo_Tsundere » 14 Apr 2015, 11:03

Agreed. Next season, if Luke insists on the sword you should insist on Mouse ears.

I think Bad Detective was a good call, but of all the games The Siblings Trouble is the only one I would snatch up instantly.

That being said, I think you guys did a great job with the production!
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Postby 7SecondsLeft » 14 Apr 2015, 11:41

I really enjoyed this series, you did a great job making it, and it felt like the judges were really supportive and constructive of all entries, which is a really refreshing change from all the reality garbage we get nowadays!

I must admit I was a little bit surprised at the result, fully expecting Brewing USA to win. I had written off Bad Detective because I'd remembered them hating the design, the number of cards, and the rules complexity. Watching the judging episode again, they enjoyed the game more than I recalled, and the fixes look like they can be relatively minor, so the victory was well deserved.

Congratulations to Zach, I can easily see myself buying this when it comes out. Presumably we'll get a wrap up episode just before release, showing the final stages of production?

SoSo_Tsundere wrote:Agreed. Next season, if Luke insists on the sword you should insist on Mouse ears.

lol, good idea! :D I'm more interested in the continuity of the sword, why it was in some shots and not others. Did he only have it there for one day of filming, or was it always just off camera in case things got too stressful? :wink:
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Postby My pseudonym is Ix » 14 Apr 2015, 12:35

By contrast, I took one look at the sword and got disinterested- you can see from the blade construction it was made as a fairly cheap prop, and has neither weighting nor a good blade shape for my liking. It looks good from a distance, but up close I have issue with the forging.

Can you tell I do reenacting :D

On a serious note, massive well done to Zach and Bad Detectives. Of all the games, I was really rooting for Brewin' USA, not because I thought it was the best but because it is the game I can most see me picking up and playing with friends. Bad Detectives I'll probably alert people at my gaming club to when it comes out.

And, of course, thanks to LRR for producing something as brilliantly made as ever (although I think I noticed a weird audio thing about 20 minutes in. That might just have been my PC though).
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Postby sam79 » 14 Apr 2015, 13:48

First things first; a really great series. Huge amounts of work obviously went into this production, and it really showed in the finished product. Good job. Big improvement over the first series, which was already very good. I especially liked having two episodes per game, to really see more of how the games played, as well as the creators and their process.

Regarding the competition and the games themselves; honestly, the final eight appealled to me a little less this time around. That is probably because I am not so into the light story-telling style games that predominated in the second series, and is probably not a reflection on the quality of the designs themselves. From what I saw, I think I'd have cast my vote for Brewin' USA (hoping for the eventual UK and France editions!), with Aguirre getting the prize for Game I Most Want To See Get Made.

As one of my guilty pleasures is Castle, I'm not at all upset to see Bad Detectives win; I feel that Zach was inspired quite a bit by the titular character's far-fetched theories and exploitaation of tropes, and that is a fun concept for a game.
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Postby Bergie » 14 Apr 2015, 14:17

I will echo the props to Loadingreadyrun for the production. It looked very well done! There were a few things which took away from the 'professionalism' a bit (eg: I'm sorry Graham, but while amusing your interview with GameCrafter did come off as less than professional for you, which might have been the intention), but overall a job very well done for you all!

As for the winner, I was frankly surprised. Bad Detectives was put in my mind as a 'good idea, but not there yet' from the get-go and I didn't think that it would stand a chance against the other two finalists. It was also the one--even after the judging--of the last three that I had the least desire to play. Then again, I thought Skiptrace was a sure fire final three when it was first presented in its first episode, but that idea tanked in their judging episode so it shows my ability to predict quality :P
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Postby Graham » 14 Apr 2015, 14:47

The GameCrafter bit was, indeed, for jokes. Tavis was in on it.
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Postby unpronounceable » 14 Apr 2015, 15:30

I predicted two of the final three, but not the winner. Bad Detectives was one of the two that I'd like to play myself. Aguirre was the other one, but I feel like I'd be disappointed by it.

I don't know what games other people are interested in, but the Judges' comment about how hard it is to find games that aren't "like this other one" got me thinking. There's one game that, IIRC, was previewed at Gencon 2014 that is completely unlike any other I'd seen mechanically. Tragedy Looper is a brilliant, complex, 1 vs 3, scenario based deduction game with time travel. While long, this review describes it far better than I could. A lot of people I've played with have made comments on how it is thematically similar to the Persona games. If you're interested in unique mechanics, there really isn't anything like it.
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Postby Aydin225 » 14 Apr 2015, 16:11

Really great editing on the end of the finale. I couldn't tell if they were about to announce a three way winner, or if we were going to go back to more discussion, and suddenly a dude won! I'm sure that's how it felt for him too, and it was neat to sort of share that.
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Postby mtvcdm » 14 Apr 2015, 21:50

I had Shut Up And Take My Money as 'the obvious winner' all the way up to the moment Bad Detectives got its name called. At the end of the day, I figured 'this one's just a lot of fun' as its chief and primary descriptor, even though it was in front of the perfect set of judges, was going to end up being ridden all the way home. Fun's the whole idea, after all, and if a game elicits an immediate reaction of 'fun', you're going to be pulling it out and playing it a lot.

But I suppose the eventual dating of the pop-culture references were seen as a bigger obstacle to overcome prior to launch than what Bad Detectives needed to fix.

I do note that games that relied more on the players to contribute their own personalities to the game (Bad Detectves, Shut Up And Take My Money, Skiptrace, Brewin' USA to a lesser extent) had a huge advantage over games where the game did more of the personality work (Charm City Blues, Aguierre, Knight Shift, Siblings Trouble). Which makes sense. If the players are able to take over and make their own fun, it's just a richer experience.
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Postby VectorZero » 17 Apr 2015, 04:26

I binged on the show, watching about 14 episodes straight through before catching up. That may have helped; I had a feeling Bad Detectives and Brewing USA were going to be big. I'm definitely keen to pick up a copy of bad detectives.

I was really disappointed to see Charm City Blues not live up to it's promise. The theme and appearance were captivating. I was hoping for a noir Arkham horror- style adventure. Put a more games game in it and I'm in.

A weird editing thingy I noticed in the last episode, which may just be me: during the recap/intro sections, my brain interprets the voiceover as being spoken by the developer on screen, not the judge. The audio starts at the same time as the video, the name comes on screen, and mostly the developer had their mouth open. Eight times in a row, fooled every time even when I had it figured out. A really weird sensation.

Otherwise beautiful production, well done everyone.
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Postby Kairanie » 17 Apr 2015, 10:44

I really enjoyed watching the series, and I'm happy Bad Detectives won.
I agree with what others have said--good editing work.
The one, and really only, thing that bugged me while watching was the way Max stood in front of the judges and their table when he introduced them at the beginning of each judging episode. It was awkward the way he would twist his head around to look at each of them, and sometimes his voice got lost to his lapel mic. Maybe he could have stood behind them? I don't know, that would probably make other problems.
Really, though, that was very minor. Great job, everyone!
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Postby MinuteWalt » 30 Apr 2015, 22:12

Great show! I would be happy to have any of these on my shelf.

I was a bit surprised no one compared "Shut Up and Take My Money!" to "Funemployed."

I was rooting for "Brewin' USA," and also "Shut Up and Take My Money!" but was also rooting for "Bad Detective" the moment I saw it, and also "The Siblings Trouble."

And also everyone else, honestly. "Skip" would fit right in with my group. "Aguirre," "Charm," or "Knight" would never be kicked out of my bed.
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Postby unpronounceable » 02 May 2015, 07:16

MinuteWalt wrote:I was a bit surprised no one compared "Shut Up and Take My Money!" to "Funemployed."

Is that this one? It hadn't hit kickstarter when this was filmed.

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