Sidewalk Slam Ep9 - June RAWs

Discussion of our pro wrestling pod/vidcast Sidewalk Slam, and pro wrestling in general.
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Sidewalk Slam Ep9 - June RAWs

Postby Graham » 11 Jul 2016, 20:27

Stuck in a catchup feedback loop, Graham and Adam discuss episodes of RAW from May and June, and there's some weird stuff happening.
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Re: Sidewalk Slam Ep9 - June RAWs

Postby Genghis Ares » 11 Jul 2016, 22:46

So while watching this episode, I decided to look up the MITB ladder intro with all the banter, and I realized that I hardly ever watch any WWE videos outside SWS, so I've never really heard these guys speak and none of their voices sound like what I imagined them to be in my mind.
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Re: Sidewalk Slam Ep9 - June RAWs

Postby theycallmejokke » 12 Jul 2016, 05:07

Little sad that youtube/WWE are butts and we can't have video clips in our sWs, but nothing to do about that, and even so this episode was still super sweet.
I know the WoW-fan/WWE-fan venn diagram bit was only tangentially related to wrestling but it was so funny!
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