North 100 Ep12 - Let's Talk Aggro

North 100 is a Magic: The Gathering podcast focused on Canadian Highlander, a "constructed cube" singleton format for fans of powerful Magic.
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North 100 Ep12 - Let's Talk Aggro

Postby Graham » 24 Nov 2017, 12:57

On the next episode in this ongoing series, it's time to learn about Aggro!

Support LoadingReadyRun:

Alex Steacy ??? @alexsteacy
Jeremy White ??? @jrhwhite
Liam Coughlan ??? @canhighlander
Serge Yager ??? @sergeyager

Example deck lists:

Black Mold

Gruul Aggro

Zoo Aggro (Naya)

4 Colour (No Blue) Humans

Death & Taxes

R/G Sligh

White Weenie (Grey)

Workshop Weenie (Serge)

Canadian Highlander Points List:

Canadian Highlander Website:

Canadian Highlander YouTube:

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