Tucson or Bust

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Re: Tucson or Bust

Postby Checky_Girl » 03 Dec 2009, 14:34

I now feel severely guilty for getting even the tiniest bit impatient for this video. IT WAS SO EPIC!!!!! I laughed so much at the Bill Fail Lol sign and all the Value Added stuff. The 'I'll grab a pen and tell her' line was hilarious! (Even though I only got the pun the third time I watched it. Don't blame me, I'm tired.) After watching the montage of DB clips I realise how much awesomeness I missed! At least I can catch up on what I didn't see soon though. And for the record, we think you're awesome too.
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It's My Delorean
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Re: Tucson or Bust

Postby It's My Delorean » 03 Dec 2009, 14:38

Graham wrote:Sync issues being fixed as we speak.

How can they be getting fixed as we speak? There's a Sync issue?! =P I kid.

Also, love the licence plate. Quite an importaint number.
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DmitriW wrote:
It's My Delorean wrote:..However, provided you agree with my plan for Titan as detailed above...

I'm so down with that plan.

I don't actually own a Delorean...
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Re: Tucson or Bust

Postby Shinoki » 03 Dec 2009, 14:46

This video is so dense with allusions I am afraid it will collapse under it's own massive awes-ity (like gravity but awesome)! Very few times when someone says something will be worth the wait, but this definitely was worth the wait.

And I laughed when I noticed the lazy susan being used as a steering wheel.

I watched a lot of Dbus but as others have said it just goes to if no one person can see it all, how much work and time you guys put into it. Thanks not only for this amazing recap of DBus but for actually doing DBus not only for the kids but for your fans too. You guys rock!
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Re: Tucson or Bust

Postby Frost » 03 Dec 2009, 14:53

hand crafted out of pure winonium
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Re: Tucson or Bust

Postby Trisha Lynn » 03 Dec 2009, 14:53

King Rocky IV wrote:"Grab my pen and tell her..."

I KNOW. I did the mental equivalent of a spit-take when I heard that line. Andy is a song-writing GOD, and now all of a sudden, I am so enthused over the idea of the people at the Escapist getting to see more of Andy's brilliance whenever he gets the time to do an LRR video.

Can't wait till the podcast and for the eventual frame-by-frame dissection of all the in-jokes on the wiki.

Trisha Lynn
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Re: Tucson or Bust

Postby Graham » 03 Dec 2009, 14:57

King Rocky IV wrote:I just thought Graham was lazy,

While that is true, all I've been working on since Sunday is this. *sob*

Anyway, properly synced version is uploading now.
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Re: Tucson or Bust

Postby Cake » 03 Dec 2009, 14:58

Sweet! You guys saved Woody proposing to the internet! I'd like to see that on youtube, it was epic.
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Re: Tucson or Bust

Postby Sarah » 03 Dec 2009, 15:00

I watched Suspend Your Disbelief recently and now "Tuscon or bust" keeps merging into "Come along." So now I have two Andy songs running through my head...
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Re: Tucson or Bust

Postby divergentdave » 03 Dec 2009, 15:10

Hey, this was up way earlier than last year's post-Desert Bus update, right?

Also, great job on the video. Any plans for a "Green Noon" style making-of?
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Re: Tucson or Bust

Postby Kisho » 03 Dec 2009, 15:11

Thanks a lot. The sheer volume of awesome that you stuffed into this video collapsed in upon itself and started tearing my condo apart as everything got sucked into it's gravitational pull. Had to toss my wife's Twilight dvd in there to cancel it out. Now I'll have to explain to her why that's missing, And why there's a 10 foot spherical hole where our computer room used to be.

Lucky my laptop wasn't in there.
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Re: Tucson or Bust

Postby Evil Jim » 03 Dec 2009, 15:12

Sorry, LRR, I am delighted beyond the capacity for all rational thought. You'll have to wait until later to get anything more than "SQUEEE!" from me.
Arius wrote:People were just so awestruck by your awesomeness that they became catatonic.
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Re: Tucson or Bust

Postby empath » 03 Dec 2009, 15:18






Yeah, this says all I want to say:

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Re: Tucson or Bust

Postby Stick » 03 Dec 2009, 15:20

That's some awesomesauce right there.

It's hard to say what I liked best. The effects were groovy as hell, and Andy appears to be the personification of genius.

It's made me look forward to next year's Desert Bus already.
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Re: Tucson or Bust

Postby Katie » 03 Dec 2009, 15:22

I can't stop watching it. This may prove a fatal addiction.
It's just various people talking and sometimes they do things in brackets
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Re: Tucson or Bust

Postby Lawman » 03 Dec 2009, 15:24

I don't think I can add anything to what has already been said. I think this video has probably the highest production value of any video you guys have done to date. Absolutely fucking awesome work, Graham, for putting it all together. Love the large heads. Adobe after effects to get them matching up with their bodies?

The only thing I can do now is list all the references and subtleties I noticed:

  • "Now showing: New Moon 4 Times in One Day"
  • The bus is called Sakimori I, and it's been mirror-flipped
  • One of many "Value Added" references
  • "Krose and the Ham Banners - One Night only, WIlliam Johnson Memorial Theatre"
  • "Catgirl Coffee"
  • Andy's head switches from a front to 3/4 view
  • "It's hard out there for an octopimp"
  • The bus passes a bus stop in its silhouette journey shot
  • Tumbleweed
  • The steering wheel is some kind of bread board (?)
  • Is it Andy playing the harmonica?
  • Andy's family photo isn't static
  • "...grab a Penn and Tell-her..."
  • "Gay Bar"
  • The busses in Vegas are Sakimori III and IV
  • The stations in Tucson and Vegas are suspiciously similar, but not.
  • Mustache Paul
  • "I am appoint"
  • "What stays in Vegas stays in Vegas" - poker before dusk
  • Kathleen's arms are in front of her head while her neck is behind it
  • The coffee stand has been mirror-flipped
  • Jackpot $137,000
  • The "don't disturb the driver" sign is also in Chinese
  • "Teller's discount lunches"
  • "Bill Fail LOL"
  • "How's My Driving? Am I listening to Queen? Call 1-800-555-FAIL"
  • "West Phailadelphia" - A Fresh Prince reference also?
  • "While in Vegas let me take you to a gay bar"
  • The number plate is 137000
  • See the amazing Ken 'Value Added' Steacy: increase donations right before your eyes"
  • Another bus stop

Once again, I can't stress how wonderful this video is. So much effort. So much win.
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Re: Tucson or Bust

Postby Jaredin » 03 Dec 2009, 15:25

Graham wrote:
King Rocky IV wrote:I just thought Graham was lazy,

While that is true, all I've been working on since Sunday is this. *sob*

Anyway, properly synced version is uploading now.


And your work shows, lol
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Re: Tucson or Bust

Postby The Jester » 03 Dec 2009, 15:37

I am very appoint, and I approve this message! :D

empath wrote:I...





Yeah, this says all I want to say:


Thank you Empath, for saying what I felt so sussinctly. :)
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Re: Tucson or Bust

Postby Matt » 03 Dec 2009, 15:38

I want to personally thank Graham and Andy for setting the bar so high we can't possibly hope to ever touch it again, thereby making our collective body of work look like shit by comparison.

Thanks, dicks.


I am not angry at you.
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Re: Tucson or Bust

Postby Lawman » 03 Dec 2009, 15:40

Part of me was thinking that exact same thing. In exactly the same Mattitude.
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Re: Tucson or Bust

Postby Excelle » 03 Dec 2009, 15:44

So many awesome memories conjured up. I watched it twice just to pause it and read all the signs.

I'm pretty sure all memes have already been stated, so I'll just be appoint in my own quiet way :)

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Re: Tucson or Bust

Postby RebelliousUno » 03 Dec 2009, 15:50

Loving the vid...little freaked out by the big heads...but awesome nonetheless...the synching kinda throws it a bit but I'm sure that'll be sorted soon :)
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Re: Tucson or Bust

Postby Crudler » 03 Dec 2009, 15:53

So, I uh... Wow.
That was quite frankly, uhm, yeah.
There are few words that can describe LRR and everyone related to it.
Here are a few:
Staggeringly good
Fans of Bacon.
The thing is, none of them do you even the slightest bit of justice. Not in a long shot. So, you are simply: LRR.
I wish I could just go to Canada and shake all of your hands and buy you dinner. Because that would be the least I could do.
Just, top drawer guys.
For everything.

Edit: Bacon also receives capitalisation as it is in fact deserving of being a proper noun.
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Re: Tucson or Bust

Postby Godzpunchingbag » 03 Dec 2009, 15:53

My favorite part was seeing all those clips in HD, gave me an idea on how much better they look in HD then in the original feed. I can't busing wait till they are up on youtube.
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Re: Tucson or Bust

Postby watshisname08 » 03 Dec 2009, 15:54

I wet my pants from awesome...I am very Appoint...very very Appoint.
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Re: Tucson or Bust

Postby octopimpostor » 03 Dec 2009, 15:54

100th post FTW!!!

i know everyone has commented on the out of sync ness of the end so i won't mention that. F***ING AMAZING guys. ill wait 2 more weeks for a vid just like that one. that was absolutely amazing. I had to watch it a few times to read all the hidden signs and stuff. loved the octopimp refrence, but actually LOL'd at the "hows my driving? am i listining to queen" sign. HAHAHA BILL PHAIL FTW!!!! Keep up the great work guys... and girls.... but most of all thanks Rosco... where was he btw?
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