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Postby Master Gunner » 17 Apr 2009, 11:35

The Jester wrote:Or, you know, Morgan as Kate's boyfriend. I don't believe we've ever seen that pairing before..

I'm pretty sure Graham writes to avoid that just as much as he does to avoid pairing himself with Kate.
TheRocket wrote:Apparently the crotch area could not contain the badonkadonk area.
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Lord Chrusher
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Postby Lord Chrusher » 17 Apr 2009, 11:38

I think Kate is smart enough to refuse to do a role with Morgan.
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Postby Septavius » 17 Apr 2009, 12:39

You know, technically Kate/Morgan was a possibility for cHustle 1, but didn't happen, IIRC.
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Postby Lyinginbedmon » 17 Apr 2009, 12:47

Septavius wrote:You know, technically Kate/Morgan was a possibility for cHustle 1, but didn't happen, IIRC.
Well even then she'd have been covered up by wig and dress as the "fugly one-night stand"
Morgan wrote:Lyinginbedmon is short, but he makes up for it in awesomeness
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The Jester
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Postby The Jester » 17 Apr 2009, 16:19

Lyinginbedmon wrote:
Septavius wrote:You know, technically Kate/Morgan was a possibility for cHustle 1, but didn't happen, IIRC.
Well even then she'd have been covered up by wig and dress as the "fugly one-night stand"

Not even that, really. I mean, it's my understanding that they count as a "one night stand" if you sleep with them, otherwise I guess you'd count it as a lucky escape or something instead...
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Postby MrNerdHair » 18 Apr 2009, 20:35

It seems to me that that's a very small front yard, and a very nondescript front door... was the TV crew at a side door?
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Postby iamafish » 19 Apr 2009, 02:04

it also looks worryingly like a garden shed
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Postby SimpsonsParadox » 19 Apr 2009, 05:11

I'll second the hilarity of Ben's choice of reading material; I also like the fact that he's reading 'Getting Things Done' *after* reading the newspaper. Perhaps he took some criticism too literally? Also, the balloon gag and the "You Must Think I'm A Jehova's Witness" gag were highlights, although the start was a bit odd.
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Postby Zivlok » 20 Apr 2009, 15:20

Stuff I Disliked:
Bill and Morgan were a tad stilted in the opening scene.
You can hear the dolly moving in the opening scene.
At 00:53 or 00:54, there's a weird thing with Bill's dialogue. It sound like he says, "He dvanished in a puff of smoke?", but it's accompanied by a slight camera change, which makes me wonder if that was more odd editing than a script slip-up.

Stuff I Thought Was Good: The first CGI smoke effect. It was fine. I mean, it would be cool if it could blend in with the real smoke more, but I realize you guys are lucky to have a smoke machine that good, and we really shouldn't be complaining about special effects. I mean, ever since Jer inflated that bag of popcorn with his mind, we really can't criticize any special effect. That's how cool that popcorn effect was.


Stuff I Thought Was Excellent:
Everything Else
Tally Turning Terry Pratchett Pages
Tally's Apartment Filled With Smoke
Bill and Morgan in every scene but the first one.
I LOVED the security camera effect - very smooth and steady, did not think it was just James
The actual dialogue during the security camera bit - probably my favorite bit of dialogue in the whole thing - "You can still tap your wife, right?"; "I'm going through a tunnel, at my desk, sorry, chshchschshh"
"Getting Things Done", though I didn't notice this without the LRRCast's help.
Matt somehow makes a convincing boss. Like, not just acts it convincingly, but manages to look superior enough to Graham that if I walked by that room, I would automatically assume and accept that Matt was the boss
How Morgan had to gesture at Graham running away from the office, and a quick nod of assent from Bill before giving chase
I really thought that Jer was playing the same guy from Rapidfire Season 2 Episode 1, so it was a great twist making him NOT that guy

So, yeah, besides a shaky beginning, a great video!
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Postby Shayna » 21 Apr 2009, 06:43

Fantastic! I luv lrr! I agree that Graham is rocking a great Doctor Who vibe and would pee myself to watch him wield a sonic screwdriver. That said, the candid Graham surveillance is one never-ending snack item away from being very Ocean's 11 Brad Pitt. That's right. I said it.
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