Lavos sent me an email

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Lavos sent me an email

Postby Allen! » 07 Nov 2009, 01:25

[quote]yo im on the road right now and am somewhere in seattle
im currently running around at white people who look gay and asking if they are jester
i dont think im going to make it to the screening
if you get the opportunity to announce anything
say lavos says kate is hot
keep the legend aliveeeeeeeeeeeeeee

-your buddy on the road

Honest to god, that's what he sent me. I'm drunk and high and fuck me that shit is hilarious. He's my favourite Chinaman ever.
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Re: Lavos sent me an email

Postby Theremin » 07 Nov 2009, 02:20

Lavos is the crazy Albanian uncle of the forums.
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Re: Lavos sent me an email

Postby Arius » 07 Nov 2009, 02:24

I wish to be his apprentice.
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Re: Lavos sent me an email

Postby goat » 07 Nov 2009, 08:11




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Re: Lavos sent me an email

Postby masamune » 07 Nov 2009, 08:47

hahaha. ahh, Lavos.
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Re: Lavos sent me an email

Postby Kara » 07 Nov 2009, 09:17

The amusement just never ceases from that boy. =p

Also, I hope you had a fun night last night Allen.
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Re: Lavos sent me an email

Postby Master Gunner » 07 Nov 2009, 09:42

Oh Lavos, he sure is......Lavos.
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Re: Lavos sent me an email

Postby Zivlok » 07 Nov 2009, 16:58

I had a little Lavos, I made it out of clay...

Oh, wait, that was a different thread...
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Re: Lavos sent me an email

Postby Dave-O_Boy » 07 Nov 2009, 17:24

Sounds like Lavos has gone Lavos.
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Re: Lavos sent me an email

Postby jtaylor » 07 Nov 2009, 17:24

Good job Lavos, good job.
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Re: Lavos sent me an email

Postby JesterJ. » 08 Nov 2009, 00:53

Email him back and ask where in Seattle he is. The best way to phrase it is probably to ask if there are many black people around. GOGOGO.
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