Story behind your name.

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Story behind your name.

Postby vazhkatsi » 03 Aug 2011, 09:37

So, I don't think theres one of these threads, and if there is, I'm loath to necro it.

Whats the story behind you user name?

mine is Vazhk'Atsi, which in georgian means Manly man. while thats not exactly an accurate descriptor of myself, but regardless I've always liked the sound of it. the only other username i've used extensively is Mok'ete which is Georgian for Friend or something.
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Re: Story behind your name.

Postby iamafish » 03 Aug 2011, 09:47

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Re: Story behind your name.

Postby Valliac » 03 Aug 2011, 09:48

I've always run under the name Minion in various message boards. Old nickname in high school after I got in a fight and some kid said I looked like the devil. Then it just stuck.

The Starwind was because I was a major fan of outlaw star back in the day, and I use that as a variation if Minion is taken on any message boards. I know Minion's not taken on THIS board, but I used my twitter name, so people know who I am.
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Re: Story behind your name.

Postby Deedles » 03 Aug 2011, 10:39

On one of the very first forums that I joined I realized how derpy my original username, Tete the Hedgehog, was and so I changed to Destructo Disk, as I thought it sounded cool, I was going through a Dragonball Z fan period, and Krillin happens to be my favourite character.

And, as you know, people tend to shorten usernames when speaking to someone, and I got nicknamed DD, which then, got transformed (by some friends on MSN) into Deedee, and then finally, one of my best friends started calling me Deedles, and it stuck. So, it's been transformed a few times from it's original state. =)
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Re: Story behind your name.

Postby GreigKM » 03 Aug 2011, 10:45

Last name, First initial, Middle initial
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Re: Story behind your name.

Postby Cureless_Poison » 03 Aug 2011, 11:07

I used to frequent chat rooms when I was 9-10 and I went under the alias 'Ghetto_Concept' due to my affinity for the song 'Too much by Getto Concept featuring Baby Blue Soundcrew'. Anyhow, I got curious as to what people were saying about me when I wasn't around, since we discussed how much of an asshole whoever left first was and similar things.

So I figured I could go in under a different alias to see what they said about me, I tried at least 20 different names and with each one they figured out it was me pretty easily till I tried 'Cureless_Poison' to which they never guessed and I successfully misled them into thinking I was someone else.

And I've used the same name ever since.

The only time I really alternate from Cureless is if I play an MMO or something, if I do that I typically go by 'Zaramot'. A name I concocted whilst trying to think of something that sounded like it would be from the Human culture in the Warcraft universe. Little did I know of various other things titled 'Zaramoth' making my name seem like a cheap rip off. That and everyone in voice chat always said 'Z(air)amot' as opposed to the way I intended it 'Z(arr)amot'.
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Re: Story behind your name.

Postby gcninja » 03 Aug 2011, 14:27

I used to use anime names and what I loved at the time, i.e., yami_luffy from one piece and yugioh, wizardtrainnee when i was 10 from Harry potter, DBZGTsomethingorother when i was 13.
Well, a few years ago on myspace, I was talking wtih somebody who I met through a high school friend, and we had similar interests. I found some pictures of him dressed in white as a ninja and calling himself, the white ninja.
The next time I needed to make a user name, that image popped in my head again, and I ran with it, but white ninja was a too obvious rip off, so I thought about it for a while and was like "Wait, I live at the grand canyon, so... GrandCanyonNinja? No, too long. GrandCNinja? Too long. GCNinja. YES"
With that it was born, but with the added effect/downside of looking like GameCubeNinja... You know who you are
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Re: Story behind your name.

Postby goat » 03 Aug 2011, 15:07

baa, motherfucker
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Re: Story behind your name.

Postby auberginequeen » 03 Aug 2011, 15:33

I never really had a definitive "username," which is evident when you look at all my accounts for things. But auberginequeen is the only one that's really stuck.

Once upon a time I was on that game site BrokenPictureTelephone, before it went down, and they let you draw your own avatar. So I drew an eggplant. Then later I was trying to come up with another username for some more random accounts and used "aubergine whisperer" and "eggplant whisperer" for two of them because they were kind of obtuse and I like being obtuse.

Then I wanted to join the forum so I changed it to "auberginequeen" because it flows nicely.

It's actually kind of funny because I hate eggplant.
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Re: Story behind your name.

Postby Nevrmore » 03 Aug 2011, 16:10

I thought the word Nevermore sounded cool but the first forum I tried it on had the name already taken
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Re: Story behind your name.

Postby epocalypse » 03 Aug 2011, 16:10

Mine is one I've wanted to use as a pseudonym and potential company name since around 2003-2004, the name is a portmanteau of of the english word apocalypse and the portuguese word época (meaning epoch, era, and/or season in english). as such, it is properly spelt épocalypse. I also use it because it contains my first and last initials (e and p) at the beginning of the word.
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Re: Story behind your name.

Postby Master Gunner » 03 Aug 2011, 16:14

My first real forum experience was on a Halo forum, almost a decade ago now. "Master Gunner" seemed to be a thematically appropriate choice, while still being somewhat unique (I know there are a few others out there that like to steal this handle, but I have yet to actually encounter any of them). I've kept it since then because I suck with names, and I'm primarily an FPS gamer, so it still generally fits. Also there's the obvious innuendo, which is just an added benefit.
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Re: Story behind your name.

Postby falconknight06 » 03 Aug 2011, 16:42

My first forum was a Douglas Adams fan forum and that is when I first used Falconknight06. I love superheroes and high fantasy, and kind of came up with the idea of a batman like character, except wearing armor and carrying a sword and such. I am also a fan of falcons. And I graduated High school in 2006.

Falcon= Awesome group of birds
Knight= I like sword and sorcery tales
06= Graduated from high school
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Re: Story behind your name.

Postby Tycherin » 03 Aug 2011, 17:33

I actually came up with this name for a character in World of Warcraft (who I then proceeded to barely play at all). Then I repurposed it to serve other purposes.
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Re: Story behind your name.

Postby Drinnik » 03 Aug 2011, 17:42

Drinnik's the name of an NPC I made for Ravenloft. Since I first started using messageboards on a Ravenloft site, I used it and it's kinda stuck for 11 years now.
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Re: Story behind your name.

Postby nonjabiru » 03 Aug 2011, 17:55

I was at a friends house to pick her up for an anime con or something and she was watching Azumanga Daioh in Japanese. I somehow came in just as one of the characters was talking about beer (Beeru) when she started going on about how in Japan my name would be pronounced Biru. Since she was tickled pink by that she got a bunch of friends to start calling me Biru.

While that was going on my friends were already adding 'Ninja' to my name since I'm fairly quiet and had a habit of mostly accidentally sneaking up on people. So I ended up being called Ninja Biru around them.

Eventually I got tired of using the forum name I normally would use and thought I'd use 'Ninjabiru'. But I since I'm not a big fan of ninjas and liked how in WoW a spammer was yelling about 'nonja looting phat guild banks' I started using 'nonjabiru'.
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Re: Story behind your name.

Postby MotorWaffle » 03 Aug 2011, 18:01

I tried to think of the most random thing that one could think needed to be motorized. For some reason Dane Cook playing "The Waffler" in Mystery Men sprang into my head, and thus I picked Motorwaffle.
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Re: Story behind your name.

Postby JustAName » 03 Aug 2011, 19:36

Tycherin wrote:I actually came up with this name for a character in World of Warcraft (who I then proceeded to barely play at all). Then I repurposed it to serve other purposes.

Same, except Fayili was my main and I still miss her sometimes.
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Re: Story behind your name.

Postby semysane » 03 Aug 2011, 19:41

The first time I used an internet handle anywhere, way back when in days of yore, I misspelled Semisane.

Bet you're glad you read that thrilling story.
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Re: Story behind your name.

Postby Psyclone » 03 Aug 2011, 19:44

I dunno, I just thought it sounded cool and it's actually surprisingly not taken on most sites. If it is, it's usually because I've already registered there and forgotten about it.
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Re: Story behind your name.

Postby Arius » 03 Aug 2011, 20:08

Well, my last name is my mother's maiden name. I have a great-uncle's middle name. And my first name was going to be based on my mother's married name and their original idea for my middle name. Had they used the original middle name, my initials would have been TNT.
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Re: Story behind your name.

Postby thatlaurachick » 03 Aug 2011, 20:11


Um, after several iterations of names based on hobbies, etc. I needed something that wouldn't change.

Hm, I answer to "hey you", my name is Laura and I'm a chick.

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Re: Story behind your name.

Postby dackwards d » 04 Aug 2011, 01:21

Once upon a time a friend said that I looked like a stoned monkey, and later that day the group of friends I hung out with at the time decided we would start a clan for some game I don't remember where all of use were called Evil (insert name of some animal). One guy was EvilGerbil, one was EvilSomethingelseidon'tremembergodnobodycares... So I became EvilStonerMonkey, which stuck for a long time.

But that is a stupid name and I changed it.

I've been getting sick of it for a long time so when I joined here I decided on dackwards d. It didn't really come from anything. I really like it and plan to use it for many things to come, though unfortunately some places automatically capitalize the first letter of names so... yeah. Pretty exciting.
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Re: Story behind your name.

Postby Mister Fiend » 04 Aug 2011, 05:59

L'hopital was changed to Hospital when we got da fuck outta Europe.

My parents almost named me Walter Reed.
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Re: Story behind your name.

Postby Juliamon » 04 Aug 2011, 08:20

I like Digimon. My real name is not Julia nor does it have an 'a' in it (to my dismay, it's my favorite vowel) but it's close. Sometimes I claim my username is just "Juliamonster" truncated, because my main OC fits the Complete Monster trope almost to a T. And I like monsters. But in reality, nope, it's just a holdover from Digimon fandom.

Though actually, I didn't start using this username until Frontier, when I needed a decent handle to be attributed to my work on the fansubs. All of my fanworks before then are attributed to "J-chan" which is the dumbest username ever and I'm pretty ashamed of it, which is why I was glad when our old ISP Adelphia was bought out by Comcast and someone on Comcast already had jchan for an email so I had to change mine. (And that's the only time I've ever loved Comcast.)
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