What Does Your Username Mean to You?

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Re: What Does Your Username Mean to You?

Postby hacofo » 16 Dec 2016, 06:50

Mine is just a combination of 3 Nicks I've used over time.
Sort of an Online new start while remembering the roots.
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Re: What Does Your Username Mean to You?

Postby unluckydesperado » 17 Dec 2016, 11:09

so mine came from the wu tang clan name generator and was given "Lucky Desperado". I was hesitant to use it at first cause new name and such. But I got to thinking about the meaning of the word desperado "a desperate or reckless person" and it kinda fit me more then I realized. Especially with the chances i've tried taking in more recent years. But luck was also never my thing, but the bad luck I've had has made for more interesting stories that I never thought i'd tell.
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Re: What Does Your Username Mean to You?

Postby MrL » 19 Dec 2016, 05:54

When creating my Xbox Live profile back in …whenever the 360 came out… I was asked for a username and the first thing I could think of was the song Mr Lonely by Akon.

I've since then shortened it to just MrL and in some places changed it to LordZirroc. Don't know why, just sounded better…?

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Re: What Does Your Username Mean to You?

Postby Elomin Sha » 19 Dec 2016, 06:15

Mine means that I am the Dark God Overlord the Forum!
Bow to me!
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Re: What Does Your Username Mean to You?

Postby Bebop Man » 19 Dec 2016, 19:58

I like Cowboy Bebop.
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Re: What Does Your Username Mean to You?

Postby Robo4900 » 20 Dec 2016, 03:56

I came up with this when I was like 8, and I had to create an account for something online for the first time. I never stopped using it. In hindsight, I probably could have come up with a better one. :lol:

The avatar is from an original animation cel from Animaniacs. I used to use a kind of crappy drawing I did of Yakko, then in November I realised I could just use a picture of an animation cel. After some googling, I settled on this one.
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Re: What Does Your Username Mean to You?

Postby virre » 21 Dec 2016, 04:27

Ah the story of Virre. (The short story is, it is my name)

Back in the ancient days of ANSI-BBS:es (although the late days of thoose, it was the 90s afterall) I started connecting to such things, I espacally remeber a BBS called Trains & Tracks, I have a weak memory of using virre as my nickname there but it might be incorrect as the main thing that made this nickname common was back when I was 13 and tried to be Punk, some of the other punky people in school and me decided to start the band "Digital Elk", that was the first thing we decided on, the next was our band nicknames, because I was seen as a generally confused person they got to calling me Virre (From Swedish förrvirad for confused, Virre is also slang for Whiskey apperently but as I am a non-drinker this is not valid). So thats where I started to get that name (Digital Elk had exactly 0 rehearsals and 0 gigs. I did cary a lot of my spekears for my friends in bands that played though)

Then in 1996/1997 I had gone from just BBS:s to some Internet and IRC chatting, I had a super fancy nickname to use at IRC when I joined #afp on lspace.org, a Pratchett chat channel with a rather higher average age, and got yelled at for not using my own name as a nickname. Those come Virre as I never liked my realname.

It come to be my major used name as there where a lot of kids my age that had the same birthname as me and the older I got the more it become my general name, and in the end I changed two of my firstnames to Virre and Linwendil, (so if you see Linwendil anywhere it's me and Virre was probably taken).

It's a good name, it's gender neutral and everyhting (though Virre is mostly a nickname, last I checked there where 1 male person and 6 female person (acording to the tax authority stats) named Virre)

Of course there is others using that nick so sometimes I have to go by virre_ (as on twitter and twitch) and as said Linwendil.

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