Cake's new cake...

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Cake's new cake...

Postby 2stepz » 08 Sep 2015, 18:26

Cake devoured some wedding cake over the weekend... he now has a cupcake. IOW, Cake got married!

Just thought I'd give an update to those old fogies like me who remember him. ;)
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Re: Cake's new cake...

Postby empath » 09 Sep 2015, 01:49


Well, I'm sure all of us collective old fogies wish an old friend retroactive best wishes for a great wedding, and a wonderful and long marriage ahead of him! :)
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Re: Cake's new cake...

Postby Elomin Sha » 09 Sep 2015, 03:34

Congratulations to him.
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Re: Cake's new cake...

Postby Master Gunner » 09 Sep 2015, 06:28

Good for Cake! Glad things have worked out for him.
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Re: Cake's new cake...

Postby Dutch guy » 09 Sep 2015, 10:07

Congrats to Cake! I still remember him! Good to hear he's things are going well for him.
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