Jesus Christ Vampire hunter (media center help)

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Jesus Christ Vampire hunter (media center help)

Postby Kawaiicaps » 20 Sep 2007, 10:47

We got digital cable last night and just noticed this morning that this movie is on.
Such a bad B-movie!

It's got zombies, It's got Jesus, It's a musical? On top of the bad acting this movie is hysterical. Just an idea, the first line in the movie is "where are the lesbians" and other one liners like, "If I'm not back in five minutes, call the Pope"

I have my digital box hooked up to my PC so I am recording it to my media center, but it seems that I can not edit the movie to make it a smaller format for easy uploading (some scenes are too funny not to share)
Anyone here know anything about media center that can help me out with this? it seems to be recording the movie to a "windows recorded media file" and it wont let me mess with it in windows movie maker.


EDIT: Jesus just talked to god through a bowl of cherries..... I think I need to stop watching this soon it's getting too retarded
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Postby Tensen01 » 20 Sep 2007, 11:32

Here's the Movies BadMovies.Org review
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Postby PacManess » 03 Oct 2007, 23:45

This is a pretty good movie. When I had the Netflix I got it and I was mildly surprised. It's almost like a Troma movie without so much the Troma if I recall correctly.

For a good time, also check out "Enter...Zombie King". Luchadores and other wrestling and zombies. Also, Jim "the Anvil" Neidhart (the talented half of the Hart Foundation) plays a sheriff. It's pretty slam-tastic! In a good way.
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Postby Allen! » 04 Oct 2007, 02:36

Already seen it.

I want the East Indian version of Superman.
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Postby Dane » 04 Oct 2007, 06:50

We've rented it and enjoyed it muchly. Something about the ending song gets you going "It's all good/ It's all right/everybody gets laid tonight".
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Postby TheRocket » 04 Oct 2007, 23:01

If you like that one you should try Blackula.
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Postby Corax » 05 Oct 2007, 12:17

yeah i made a post about this in the youtube topic, its weird how its like an intentional cult classic.
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Postby Dr Frankenjam » 07 Oct 2007, 01:33

Is it better than...

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