LRR Screening FanPick Videos -- Nominations

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LRR Screening FanPick Videos -- Nominations

Postby Tim » 23 Sep 2008, 16:24

Hey everyone,

As you may have heard, LRR will be screening three classic LoadingReadyRun videos at the 5th Anniversary LRR Screening in Victoria on October 18. It's your job, as LRR fans, to pick which three classic videos will be shown!

So here's how things are going to work. There will be a nomination period, during which posters can submit their nominations. After nominations close, the top 10 nominated videos will be posted and voting will begin. When the voting period closes, the three videos with the most votes will have won and will be shown at the LRR 5 Year Screening.

-Loading Time, Phailhaus, Man Cooking, Whatever Thing, and Iron Stomach Challenge videos are not eligible.
-Ties will be broken by the LRR crew.

-Each forum poster may post in this nomination thread once with their three nominations. Multiple posts in this thread will be deleted.

-Each poster may post in the voting thread once with their two votes. Multiple posts in the voting thread will be deleted.

September 23 to midnight PST, September 29
-Nominations are open.

October 1 to midnight PST, October 15
-Voting is open.

Go At It!
So feel free to post your three nominations in this thread. You may change your nominations by editing your post at any time before the close of nominations at midnight PST on September 29.
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Postby Master Gunner » 23 Sep 2008, 16:30

Suspend Your Disbelief, Quantum Documentary, and 30 Minutes or Less.
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Postby AwesomeAndrew » 23 Sep 2008, 16:32

So I'm allowed three nominations? Well then my nominations are Sacred Duty, Keytars and Bagel Time.
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Postby Zombaholic » 23 Sep 2008, 16:35

Eyewitness Accounts
The Danger of Cigarettes
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Postby Kara » 23 Sep 2008, 16:36

The Secret Life Of Toast
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Postby Cheeseonfire » 23 Sep 2008, 16:55

Suspend Your Disbelief
Quantum Documentary
Format War
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Zed Alpha
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Postby Zed Alpha » 23 Sep 2008, 17:04

Eyewitness Accounts, Rebellin', and Skeletor's Dick.

Boo yah. My votes count!
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Postby Shandi » 23 Sep 2008, 17:14

I would like to nominate the following three videos.

It's a Wonderful Game
Eyewitness Accounts
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Postby meisbored » 23 Sep 2008, 17:47

Quantum Documentary
The Worst Homosexual
The Divorce
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Postby Cybren » 23 Sep 2008, 17:55

Suspend your Disbelief
Daylight Savings
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Aztec Cowboy Mafia
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Postby Aztec Cowboy Mafia » 23 Sep 2008, 18:00

Suspend Your Disbelief
Eyewitness Accounts
Sound Wars
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Postby Sable » 23 Sep 2008, 18:15

It's a Wonderful Game
Skeletor's Dick
The Divorce

There are SO MANY LoadingReadyRun videos that have made me fall off my couch laughing, but those are probably the top five*.

I really, REALLY wish I could get to Victoria for this.

*three, sir.
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Postby YamaroV2 » 23 Sep 2008, 18:23

Skeletor's Dick
Season 4 Finale
Son of a Bitch
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Postby Beta-guy » 23 Sep 2008, 18:31

Daylight Savings
Format War
The Worst Homosexual
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Postby AeroCmdr » 23 Sep 2008, 18:49

It's really really really hard for me to try and pick just three but I would probably have to say Installation Anxiety, Skeletor's Dick, and Eyewitness Accounts.
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Postby Tensen01 » 23 Sep 2008, 19:04

Grilled Cheese
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Postby Metcarfre » 23 Sep 2008, 19:28

Suspend Your Disbelief.
The Writer's Room.
Son of a Bitch.
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Postby userpjx » 23 Sep 2008, 19:45

A Sacred Duty
The Truce
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Postby JesterJ. » 23 Sep 2008, 21:21

The Worst Homosexual

The ghost of Lavos votes Underpantaloons, Underpantaloons, Underpantaloons. In that order.


I hope so. I replaced Suspend Your Disbelief with 1337. It's not that I liek it better, it just holds a dearer place in my heart.
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Postby Lord Chrusher » 23 Sep 2008, 23:42

This is not easy.

Eyewitness Accounts, Those Games We Played, Underpantaloons
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Postby Frozengale » 24 Sep 2008, 00:17

Suspend your Disbelief
It's Very Simple
Pull Yourself Together
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Postby Misty » 24 Sep 2008, 00:18

The Worst Homosexual, LoadingReadyRap, Underpantaloons.

Damn, that was hard! x3
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Elomin Sha
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Postby Elomin Sha » 24 Sep 2008, 03:22

Skeletor's Dick
Season 3 Finale

My mistake read through it too quickly.
Replacement: Interview with Uwe Boll
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Postby Cake » 24 Sep 2008, 04:11

Tim wrote:Rules
-Loading Time, Phailhaus, Man Cooking, Whatever Thing, and Iron Stomach Challenge videos are not eligible.

Elomin Sha wrote:Phailhaus 06

Epic. Phail. haus
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King Kool
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Postby King Kool » 24 Sep 2008, 06:54

I nominate Somebody Has To Change, 2004 Holiday Special and Superintendent's Sorrow.
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