Did you come here from Desert Bus??

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Postby _ArK_ » 14 Dec 2008, 19:02

Hello Everyone.
I guess I should post here since I am a newcomer to LRR thanks to Desert Bus 2: Bus Harder. I joined everyone in the chat for a long while under this name (without the underscores).
You can just call me ArK. I live down in Washington (state that is) and personally I am loving LRR, especially commodoreHUSTLE.
I am learning to film and edit video for my church and its great to see what you guys are doing here.
Thanks for all the lol's!
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Postby iwashere33 » 15 Dec 2008, 13:24

just to answer the thread title question.


i found this place after seeing the "halo" video. you know the one.

i love comedy, so therefore there is always something here that i will forever be attracted to.

also, i like chocolate, cheese, and women (not in order, just stacked on top of each other).

although the cheese sometimes goes soft before i get the choclate out of the fridge. (might be a metaphor, answer = key to life)

Ian McKellen, now!
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Postby PolarBear » 17 Dec 2008, 13:12

Dear lord Desert Bus was an addiction, wasnt it? So now Im hooked. My SN here was the same as chat, sans the "The" part, because I don't have a mass of numbers in front of it. If any of you guys like Live, Im gamertag PolarBear WP, so hit me up if you see me online.
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Postby syxtfour » 07 Jan 2009, 02:43

Penny Arcade's promotion of Desert Bus 2 is what got me to pay a visit, and I was lucky enough to start watching only half an hour after the madness began. From then I was hooked, watching as much as possible. From the hole-in-the-wall incident to Andy's Its A Wonderful Life (which I managed to save), it was fantastic.

And then it ended. ...so I went to the LRR site and started watching all of the videos in order from the very beginning.

Needless to say, I'm now a huge fan and have been promoting this site to all of my friends like it was my own. And when Desert Bus 3 comes around, I'll have a donation waiting and a challenge to get Bill to wear a tutu, or maybe for Matt to go see the next movie in the Twilight series.

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Postby manika » 15 Jan 2009, 09:02

I did in fact get here through Desert Bus and once I started watching Desert Bus that totally messed up my sleeping and working schedule, because I wanted to miss as little as possible. Also I enjoyed the night time hours (yours), because the Moon Base wasn't as crowded.
Anyways, I don't remember how I got to Desert bus though. I think it was through Penny Arcade, but it was before Tycho started Operation: Infinite Bus.
Well after Desert Bus I started watching all archived videos and enjoyed it very much :-) I also had this urge to try some of the ISCs myself, but until now I was able to resist it, although I'm quite curious about it ;-)

Rock On
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Postby Nintendownz » 15 Jan 2009, 13:22

I was Nintendownz in the chat room, and that's also my name here.
And just about everywhere else on the internet, so odds are if you've ever seen a Nintendownz, it was me.
Found DB2 through the penny arcade link, I had actually been linked to the site once before from a friend, but that didn't really click until i started going through the videos afterwards. I watched DB2 a good amount of time, getting hardly any sleep that week, living off energy drinks, but it was well worth it. I look forward to next year, assuming you do it again, as well as your future videos.
Rock on LRR.
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Postby KlausVonNomnombitterson » 05 Feb 2009, 16:27

ive come from desert bus!

names Klaus Von Nomnombitterson
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Elomin Sha
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Postby Elomin Sha » 05 Feb 2009, 17:05

The most unique, nicest, and confusing individual you will get to know. Don't be stupid around me, that's my job.
If you need art, I take commissions, PM me.
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Postby Lyinginbedmon » 05 Feb 2009, 17:06

KlausVonNomnombitterson wrote:ive come from desert bus!

names Klaus Von Nomnombitterson
I never would have guessed :P

Been a while, I must say. I remember you from the chat.
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Postby KlausVonNomnombitterson » 05 Feb 2009, 17:47

u remember me?! :D i feel so loved!, people know who i am!!! :D
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artful dodger
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Postby artful dodger » 05 Feb 2009, 19:36

i first bumped into lrr when PA linked you guys in the wee hours of the morning over my winter break. i got onto the ustream and then 5 minutes later andy started his now legendary one man show of it's a wonderful life. a few days later i started actually watching the videos on the site and now i'm passing it on to others.
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Postby Metcarfre » 05 Feb 2009, 19:38

Welcome artful dodger (and others). I like your style.
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artful dodger
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Postby artful dodger » 05 Feb 2009, 19:41

for anyone who remembers the ginger hawk was my idea after being up for about 20 hours straight of desert bus watching. seemed like a good idea at the time.
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Postby TheRocket » 06 Feb 2009, 19:25

My name on a different thread used to be artfuldodger... now anytime you post it's going to fuck me up.
Walk in like DeNiro, and leave like Brando.

You're living proof that Darwin was a moron.
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Postby JesterJ. » 06 Feb 2009, 20:50

TheRocketSiobhan wrote:My name on a different thread used to be artfuldodger.

You both have incredibly good taste.
"Good thing we got Jester to carry." -Morgan, January 20th, 2009
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artful dodger
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Postby artful dodger » 07 Feb 2009, 15:49

sorry and thanks respectively.
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Postby His_Ryanness » 17 Feb 2009, 23:29

I'd randomly come across a few LRR videos before and laughed at them, but I didn't really start actively watching LRR videos until the first Desert Bus. I intended to watch the feed for like 5 minutes tops, but it was strangely captivating...

Then during the second Desert Bus I actually got the chat window to work. I typed "BARACK TO THE FUTURE!" at an oppurtune moment and Graham acknowledged my existence. It was pretty awesome at the time.

And I made a forum account... just now.

Loving commodoreHUSTLE.

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