Any Scrubs fans?

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Sieg Reyu
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Re: Any Scrubs fans?

Postby Sieg Reyu » 09 May 2009, 23:15

I have always enjoyed scrubs. Its not a deep show, or at least not normally. Its not sophisticated. Its not high brow. And that is what I love about it. It wasn't like 30 Rock, or Arrested Development, but it was still funny in its own spectacular way. Variety is the spice of life. Sometimes you need the shows with the lame jokes or silly gags. Also I like it because JD reminds of my self way too much sometimes.

Also, I have been looking forward to the series finale for one and only one reason. The revelation of Janitor's name. Lawrence admitted that with all the hype about it, there was nothing he could do to match it, so he just went very simple, but I was upset. I was hoping it would be at least something of remote signifance or something. Maybe Neil Flynn or something. I don't know

I really find it likely that they are going to make a spin off. If you noticed, in the last season, they involved the main characters a whole lot less. There were episodes where core characters were missing with little or no reason why. In their place, we got to know the interns a little better than any of the previous ones. Except Dudemeister. A think that was there way of testing how a spin off about those characters and with a lack of the other characters would do.
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Re: Any Scrubs fans?

Postby JesterJ. » 10 May 2009, 00:18

I was really hoping the Janitor's name would be Neil, I thought that was the only reasonable name for him. Oh well.

I've always loved Scrubs. I'm REALLY sad to see it go, but I'm glad they closed it out in a satisfying manner; and I'm glad the 8th season didn't turn out to just be a drag.
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Re: Any Scrubs fans?

Postby zfubarz » 10 May 2009, 00:45

They still haven't completely revealed his name though. not his last name anyways
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Re: Any Scrubs fans?

Postby Darkobra » 11 May 2009, 08:36

Or his first.
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Dutch guy
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Re: Any Scrubs fans?

Postby Dutch guy » 11 May 2009, 10:34

I liked Scrubs somewhat. But it was mostly just fun to watch on TV every now and then. It's not the kind of show I would buy the DVD box set of.
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Re: Any Scrubs fans?

Postby kingtorm » 11 May 2009, 20:51

i love scrubs, i usually watch it after watching doctor who or house to lighten up. its pretty funny and am sooo sad that it is finally over. i will miss it like a child
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Re: Any Scrubs fans?

Postby Akura » 15 May 2009, 16:58

Not going to ruin it or anything, but the ending was fantastic, absolutely perfect... Although the let down the funny a bit in season 8 to fit in more story stuff....

I will miss it though. Hoping all the channels wont play all the episodes so frequently I get physically sick of it... Like I am with Friends. I really hate Friends...
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Re: Any Scrubs fans?

Postby Tim » 17 May 2009, 19:32

They renewed Scrubs for another season, and Zach Braff will be in the first six episodes.

I haven't decided how pissed off I am yet.
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Re: Any Scrubs fans?

Postby zfubarz » 17 May 2009, 20:51

What the fuck!?!?

jesus this could be terrible.
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Zed Alpha
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Re: Any Scrubs fans?

Postby Zed Alpha » 19 May 2009, 16:22

I like it, but I haven't seen it in a good two years.

...Yeah....Need to get back on it.
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