Crapshots idea: shampoo

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Crapshots idea: shampoo

Postby SopranoCat » 24 Feb 2017, 12:27

So I saw the latest Pantene commercials about not washing your hair but 'fueling' it for the first time after the Let's Nope of Res Evil 7. And my immediate question was "Does the shampoo have the T virus? Because otherwise it's not gonna do a darn thing for your hair." Because hair is dead. The only bit alive is the root buried in your scalp, all those commercials claiming to 'revitalize' or whatever your hair are bunk. And this is now in my brain. Cause what if?

Ad: Don't just wash your hair, revitalize it with-

Person 1: ~mutes TV~ That's bunk. Hair is dead.

Person 2: ~from offscreen behind them~ I don't know. It's done wonders for me.

Person 1: ~turns around and gives yelp of fright~ Uh...(Person 2 name)'re a zombie.

~shot of Person 2, pale makeup with some veins and maybe some red smeared around the mouth to indicate they've already munched on someone. Typical easy zombie makeup~

Person 2: ~shrugs nonchalantly~ Yeah ~enthusiatic~ but my hair looks amazing!

You could end it there, or do a cut to Person 2 'munching' on part of Person 1, but Person 1 not caring because they're entranced, stroking Person 2's hair and saying "So silky..."

In my head I picture Alex and Kathleen as Person 1 and 2, because Kathleen always has amazing hair, and Alex has that great spooped yelp. But really anyone could be both people.
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Re: Crapshots idea: shampoo

Postby piperkins » 09 Jun 2017, 15:52


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