Crapshot Idea and Scripts: The Roll

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Crapshot Idea and Scripts: The Roll

Postby JerryArr » 06 May 2018, 16:21

A set of three Crapshots, all starting with Cam, Beej, and Alex around the a table, with Graham DMing. Which LRRs'm'n are involved can change, of course, but this is all stuff I thought may work.


(Int Tabletop RPG table, Beej, Cam, and Alex are sat around it, with Graham DMing.)

Beej: A 23.

Graham: That hits!

Beej: Sweet, rolling my d1 for damage...

(Cut to Beej, who tosses a bouncy ball into a box. A second later, he peers into the box. After a couple more seconds, cut to inside the box where the ball has come to rest. Cut back to Beej.)

Beej: One.



Cam: A 19?

Graham: That's a hit!

Cam: Nice, d1 time.

(Cut to Cam "shaking" a mobius strip, then tossing it onto the table. Cut to the mobius strip with "1" marked on it, the back to Cam, who looks at it for a second)

Cam: That is a...

(Cam then leans in to peer at it a little more. He waits a couple seconds.)

Cam: ...a one.



Graham: Does a 21 hit?

Alex: Sure does. What's the damage, doc?

(Graham rolls a percentage die. Cut to the die with "90" rolled, then back to Graham.)

Graham: You take 90.

(Cut to Alex)

Alex: What?!

(Cut back to Graham)

Graham: Sorry, I forgot this dude did d10, and this was the only ten-sider I could find in my bag.

(Once more to Alex)

Alex: Huh. I suppose you didn't forget the blank character sheets, though.

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