TTC 117 - Oath Limited & Eternal Masters

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TTC 117 - Oath Limited & Eternal Masters

Postby James » 16 Feb 2016, 20:11

Graham, Cameron and James discuss their adventures in Oath of the Gatewatch limited and talk about the newly announced Eternal Masters.
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Re: TTC 117 - Oath Limited & Eternal Masters

Postby ChainedNBeaten » 17 Feb 2016, 01:37

My problem with this set is that the reserved list cards shot up crazy high over night makeing this fomat less accessable than before. I play legacy and this will hurt other trying to get in to the format. But I do they make eternal a real format.
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Re: TTC 117 - Oath Limited & Eternal Masters

Postby RedFeather » 17 Feb 2016, 11:32

I gotta say, I'm not crazy about these crack-a-packs with sets they've actually played. A lot of the fun is watching them evaluate cards they've never seen before.
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Re: TTC 117 - Oath Limited & Eternal Masters

Postby Jonci » 22 Feb 2016, 15:05

Seems like this is a 3-way hit for Wizards. They show some support for legacy, they boost support for Commander, and give a fun limited draft environment (Vintage Masters was cool).

For Commander, I've like the Modern sets and the Commander set cards, but there's still plenty of decks that would love some legacy cards that haven't seen a reprint in a long time.
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