Darksiders 2

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Darksiders 2

Postby Kathleen » 15 Oct 2012, 09:35

http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/ ... rksiders-2

Death, the winner of the Got Your Nose competition.
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Re: Darksiders 2

Postby Ptangmatik » 15 Oct 2012, 11:43

What the hell was holding those manacles on exactly?

Great episode!
Geoff_B wrote: ... Even for here, that was weird.
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Re: Darksiders 2

Postby Lord Hosk » 15 Oct 2012, 12:48

First, this was a great episode, I laughed out loud four times.

Lastly, "is death dead?"

Yes, you killed him like 8 seconds into dantes inferno. Then again in the most recent cursed crusade, maybe, that game is really confusing.

The moral of this tale is, Death should fear brad. When brad is around death has a bad time.
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Re: Darksiders 2

Postby Foxmar » 15 Oct 2012, 21:57

Very nice episode. I want to play this game as well. Loved the first Darksiders, got it soon after the Unskippable on it.
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Re: Darksiders 2

Postby Phi » 16 Oct 2012, 01:05

Great episode guys, the best in quite a while in my opinion.
Their mythology is so silly.
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Re: Darksiders 2

Postby Lumar » 16 Oct 2012, 11:37

So what's the count now on how many time death has died in a video game?
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