MEN Easter

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MEN Easter

Postby Graham » 01 Apr 2013, 08:34

Spending time with family is overrated - watch the MEN network instead! ... mpaign=all
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Re: MEN Easter

Postby JayEmu91 » 01 Apr 2013, 08:48

Fantastically hilarious episode! Great job by all! :)
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Re: MEN Easter

Postby JayBlanc » 01 Apr 2013, 09:02

I don't mind being locked in a room for hours, or the landmines. But the Dubstep is too far.
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Re: MEN Easter

Postby Yaxley » 01 Apr 2013, 09:25

See, this works out, because I really want David Venderpunch to punch Eddie Barbell in the face. :P
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Re: MEN Easter

Postby General Michi » 01 Apr 2013, 10:12

I literally just watched The Secret Of The Sauce before watching this and I have to ask: Is it Kathleen's character from that who got punched stigmata-style?

Also, I laughed right through the credits. Bravo :D
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Re: MEN Easter

Postby Foxmar » 01 Apr 2013, 10:27

Loved it! David Venderpunch punching people doesn't get old to me.
Also now I see what you guys were talking about in the LRRcast about filming with Pauls bells palsy. I wouldn't have even noticed if I hadn't have watched the podcast first.

Get better soon Paul.
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Re: MEN Easter

Postby Moohawk » 01 Apr 2013, 10:37

Another excellent episode.

Loved the Zack Ryder reference which I would assume was Graham's doing. Definitely looking forward to the Loading Time on this one!
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Re: MEN Easter

Postby RytelCSF » 01 Apr 2013, 10:53

I think I could watch an entire sketch of just Ultimate Facepunch Wrestling, though I'm probably the only one.
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Re: MEN Easter

Postby EnigmaHarper » 01 Apr 2013, 15:23

Okay... is it me, or is there a stuffed Easter bunny in the grass behind the hunters from 0:34 - 0:38?

Looks rather suspicious...
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Re: MEN Easter

Postby Drecon » 01 Apr 2013, 17:05

"if it ain't shiny, rub it on your hiney"
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Re: MEN Easter

Postby WAYF » 01 Apr 2013, 17:33

The bunnies in the room full of landmines and dubstep need their own gif.

And Egg Hunters featured a lady who was NOT overwhelmed by everything else's sheer masculinity, but she also looked and acted like she was the cousin of Kane (of Merc. Solutions). Clever play, MEN. Promote inclusiveness into your Manly Man-work without alienating any of the man-viewers.
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Re: MEN Easter

Postby CaptainSpam » 01 Apr 2013, 18:29

Okay, I saw this AFTER seeing the most recent LRRcast, and that made me laugh at Paul's specific choices of roles more than I should have. Well-played, Mr. Saunders. Well-played.
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Re: MEN Easter

Postby psychopompos » 01 Apr 2013, 18:55

I see your bunnies in a room filled with landmines and dubstep and raise you kittens in an attic filled with AK47s and Queens of the Stone Age.

may all your ghosts come back to haunt you

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Re: MEN Easter

Postby Mara Kalat » 01 Apr 2013, 21:24

That was awesome :D

When Paul first came on I thought, "Heh, a Luchador mask, that's a pretty clever way of hiding his eye."
Then, evil military genius... with an eyepatch.
Then! Pirate! By that point I'm quite sure Paul is suggesting these himself (can't wait for the loading time to see if I'm right :D).

I guess a surprise-appearance by Matt will have to make up for the lack of Morgan in a "MAN-" themed sketch. (Though I guess it would've confused new viewers / have them asking for more Man Cooking, and I assume Morgan was thoroughly elsewhere).
Also, Jamesus punching out random stereotypical evil was absolutely hilarious!


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Re: MEN Easter

Postby ZePancakes » 01 Apr 2013, 23:28

If James playing as a Segal inspired Jesus is wrong, it is wrong in a damn hilarious manner.
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Re: MEN Easter

Postby Smeghead » 02 Apr 2013, 03:42

Sorry Terry and Tiff; looks like someone beat you to it

Edit: Awesome episode by the way. The 5 hours of bunnies got to me.
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Re: MEN Easter

Postby TheGhostOfZero » 02 Apr 2013, 03:53

I have liquid escaping from my eyes. That Bad Friday thing was the bit where I broke.

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Re: MEN Easter

Postby Mr.Wizard » 02 Apr 2013, 06:34

James as angry Jesus is just... it's just too perfect. Please tell him to never take off that costume again. I want angry Jesus in every sketch from now on.
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Re: MEN Easter

Postby Lord Hosk » 04 Apr 2013, 14:17

I think my hat deserves its own wiki entry it has appeared in more episodes than spot in the past year.

That hat has seen things.
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