CheckPoint 150 - And On That Bombshell

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CheckPoint 150 - And On That Bombshell

Postby Graham » 23 May 2014, 02:13

Interceptor Games debuts a dull thud, while 2K Sports announces the ugliest shoes... in the world.
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Re: CheckPoint 150 - And On That Bombshell

Postby Maf » 23 May 2014, 07:37

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Re: CheckPoint 150 - And On That Bombshell

Postby CaptainSpam » 23 May 2014, 08:08

Bombshell... Hm... Funny how that came out of an aborted Duke Nukem game. If I recall, way back in the really really old days of Duke Nukem Forever development (like, from the time when it was a huge snub/deal that they switched from the Quake 2 engine to Unreal), there was a planned female sidekick for Duke, a hardened mercenary named Bombshell. Effectively an Alyx Vance, if you will. I believe the running gag was going to be Duke being convinced she was a lesbian due to her not falling for him at first sight. Duke Nukem humor, ladies and gentlemen. Yeah.

Anyway, just interesting that's what the character is named in this new game, given the story reported upon.

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