LRRDraft #55: Theros Block Rare Draft

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LRRDraft #55: Theros Block Rare Draft

Postby Graham » 04 Jun 2014, 00:54

Graham & James can't wait and jump into a rare draft, full of some live-the-dream plays.
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Re: LRRDraft #55: Theros Block Rare Draft

Postby VanSlick » 06 Jun 2014, 01:46

This is spectactular.
However, I feel you guys missed the OBVIOUS play in the end of Round 1.
You had a forest in hand, and W,R,G,U,U, Market on the board. Play the forest - now you have 8 mana and can generate 2UU and 2RR.

You cast Whelming Wave.
THEN you cast Oracle of Bones and Revel off the Oracle.

Triple play!

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