Man Poops on Floor of Bank

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Man Poops on Floor of Bank

Postby Kathleen » 02 Jul 2014, 11:31

We would call the dude who poops on the floor of a bank a badass, but he's really more of a grossass. ... ump/9507-M
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Re: Man Poops on Floor of Bank

Postby King Kool » 02 Jul 2014, 12:29

Hmm. This is four weeks in a row of the title being a complete sentence, instead of a random mishmash of topics covered within the Dump.

Is this a conscious effort to have interesting, clickable titles? Are we going to see titles like, "You won't believe where this man pooped in this bank"?
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Re: Man Poops on Floor of Bank

Postby kade_zero » 02 Jul 2014, 13:21

Holy shit.
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Re: Man Poops on Floor of Bank

Postby ElFuzzy » 02 Jul 2014, 13:51

Feed Dump: Man Poops on Floor of Bank - More at 1
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Re: Man Poops on Floor of Bank

Postby empath » 02 Jul 2014, 16:40

Tally...oh, Tally...what can I say? :lol:
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Re: Man Poops on Floor of Bank

Postby romangoro » 02 Jul 2014, 18:27

Tally is quickly becoming my favourite Feed Dump coucher, almost displacing Kate.

Also "He's afraid of just about everything that cleans the house" is a top line. I'm picturing Buster running away of the kitchen sponge.
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Re: Man Poops on Floor of Bank

Postby robothero » 02 Jul 2014, 19:58

What stuck out for me was the "several times." Like, he stopped, walked a couple of steps and then started again?
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Re: Man Poops on Floor of Bank

Postby Jonci » 03 Jul 2014, 06:41

More Kathleen, Tally, Ash Feed Dumps!
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Re: Man Poops on Floor of Bank

Postby Can't Wear Hats » 03 Jul 2014, 07:38

Feed Dump living up to its name in this episode.

This hilarious, hilarious episode. :D
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Re: Man Poops on Floor of Bank

Postby WAYF » 03 Jul 2014, 11:02

It's weird, in a good kind of way, that other Feed Dump hosts are very up-front with how off-the-wall crazy and/or psychotic and/or disgusting they can be. Kathleen, Ash, Kate, Beej and Alex all spring to mind; they relish this task, you can see the sentiment "This story was MADE for my particular brand of odd humour!" etched onto their faces, and without question it produces marvellous results.

But then there's Tally.
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Re: Man Poops on Floor of Bank

Postby pokute » 04 Jul 2014, 10:45

Girl Dumps are the best!

Wait err... I didn't mean it That way!

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