Juggalo, Jury and Executioner

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Juggalo, Jury and Executioner

Postby Kathleen » 29 Oct 2014, 09:18


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Re: Juggalo, Jury and Executioner

Postby VenomousHawk » 29 Oct 2014, 09:52

Sweet feed this week :) Awesome hat. Minor misprint:

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Re: Juggalo, Jury and Executioner

Postby KnuckleSnackwich » 29 Oct 2014, 12:07

I really like Cam's evil exam strategy. I'd also randomise the order of the questions in each paper, so when the kids start looking at their friends' papers trying to figure what's going on... more panic!
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Re: Juggalo, Jury and Executioner

Postby tamaness » 29 Oct 2014, 12:47

that only works if you do it exactly once per semester. Otherwise, they'll catch on and always answer C.
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Re: Juggalo, Jury and Executioner

Postby Master Gunner » 29 Oct 2014, 13:08

Then you swap it - every answer becomes A, except for one that's C.
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Re: Juggalo, Jury and Executioner

Postby Lord Hosk » 30 Oct 2014, 05:55

I had an instructor who actually did this, only it was A.

She came in after the exam and said "I couldnt have made it any easier for you all to get an A on my exam, let me write the answer key on the board" she then drew a giant A, left the room for 5 minutes came back and said "ok who has questions"

The first question was "how is that fair, I changed some answers because I didnt think they could all be A"

Instructor response, "You knew the answer, you picked the wrong answer because of social norms? You realize this is a psychology class right? its my job to make you question yourself."

I dont know if that was a reoccurring theme with her but it was quite interesting to hear the discussions of how unethical it was of her to do something unexpected, a group of half a dozen or so people even went to the dean.
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Re: Juggalo, Jury and Executioner

Postby Flewellyn » 31 Oct 2014, 23:54

That's...beautiful, Lord Hosk. It's like a meta-exam.

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