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TTC Vintage

Postby James » 11 Feb 2015, 22:36

With the regular crew away join our very own Jeremy with other Jeremy & Kayda as they discuss Vintage!
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Re: TTC Vintage

Postby VectorZero » 12 Feb 2015, 04:30

Great job guys! VRD sounds like a whole mess of fun. If anyone's interested in watching vintage on YouTube, I second the suggestion to watch the Vintage Super League - the season 1 week 6 LSV-Menendian match was amazing, and the recent Budde-Maher match showed off the power of some format staples. Also, Marshall from LR did some vintage matches when vintage masters came out and Shotgun Lotus have uploaded some VRD streams. I also like the "so many insane plays" podcast at eternal central.

Visione Futura sounds Italian...

The recursion black lotus combo Jer was describing sounds like Bomberman: Auriok Salvagers can get black lotus out of the GY for 1W, then you crack it for 3 and repeat, netting arbitrarily large amounts of mana, then deploy pyrite or aether spellbomb.

BTW, would definitely buy D7RMC merch ;)
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Re: TTC Vintage

Postby Shadowwarl » 12 Feb 2015, 16:49

There are also Vintage Rotisserie drafts on you tube as well... Here is a draft with B Wong commentating and Marshall from Limited Resources drafting in it.
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Re: TTC Vintage

Postby beowuuf » 13 Feb 2015, 00:05

That dratf is good, and also Marshall made a post about it and commented in LR so you can hear the thinking behind decks ahead of time and how you shift your picks when a key element is taken.

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