Loading Time - Dirty Money

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Loading Time - Dirty Money

Postby Graham » 15 Feb 2015, 23:58

Behind the cash-filled scenes of Dirty Money!
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Re: Loading Time - Dirty Money

Postby AdmiralMemo » 16 Feb 2015, 01:05

So... the best way to film fake money... is to use real money... :D

Beej usually ends up as a business-type guy in videos, doesn't he?
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Re: Loading Time - Dirty Money

Postby Drakmon » 16 Feb 2015, 02:30

Was it just my chrome or was all the music missing?
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Re: Loading Time - Dirty Money

Postby Trisha Lynn » 16 Feb 2015, 15:57

It was very, very low. When they were doing the silent montage, it didn't seem like there was any music at all.
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