Feed Dump 211 - Did a Poo

News, with silly hats.
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Feed Dump 211 - Did a Poo

Postby Paul » 01 Jul 2015, 09:15

What should you do if you have a samurai sword, a sausage and a bunch of beer?
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Re: Feed Dump 211 - Did a Poo

Postby Merrymaker_Mortalis » 01 Jul 2015, 11:09

Cry as a long buried childhood nightmare is unearthed.

(not talking about one of the FD stories)
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Re: Feed Dump 211 - Did a Poo

Postby Twinklefeet » 01 Jul 2015, 11:29

Mr. Blobby is much more harrowing than I remember.
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Re: Feed Dump 211 - Did a Poo

Postby Kapol » 01 Jul 2015, 15:44

It wasn't just a rare beaver. It was a were-beaver. No wonder they had to go to the hospital from being bitten. If they hadn't, they would have become were-beavers as well.

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