CheckPoint 202 - Twitch Must Play

Talk about LRR's gaming news show on PATV.
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CheckPoint 202 - Twitch Must Play

Postby Graham » 23 Sep 2015, 11:45

Stories on WWE2K16, Persona 5, Konami, Black Ops, and Twitch Plays Everything.
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Re: CheckPoint 202 - Twitch Must Play

Postby kimiyoribaka » 23 Sep 2015, 19:02

I'd like to offer a polite suggestion: if you ever have someone boasting about doing a video by themselves again, film a quick and intentionally frantic version of the patreon ad as if they had forgotten that point and hurriedly try to make their own post-vid patreon ad.
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Re: CheckPoint 202 - Twitch Must Play

Postby thenightgaunt » 24 Sep 2015, 07:06

Oh dear god she's taking mean. I for one welcome our new cat obsessed overlord, and would like to remind her that as a trusted IT professional I can be helpful in rounding up others.

EDIT: Liked the video. ^_^

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