TTC 107 - Standard/Highlander Deck Tech

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TTC 107 - Standard/Highlander Deck Tech

Postby Graham » 31 Oct 2015, 10:21

Graham is joined by Cameron and Alex this week as they dive into their new brews for Standard and Canadian Highlander.

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Re: TTC 107 - Standard/Highlander Deck Tech

Postby BenMarc » 31 Oct 2015, 20:47

Corrupt was originally in Urza's Saga, actually. With the sweetest flavor text.

Mindlash Sliver is a reference to Mindwhip Sliver.

The rules for what got on the reserved list were stupid and arbitrary. Basically any rare that didn't immediately get reprinted was eligible. Don't try and fathom the reserved list. That way lies madness.

I'm sorry Cam, but, yes, Visions is that old. Almost two decades old.

The reserved list's foil loophole has since been closed. Phyrexian Negator was in Phyrexia vs the Coalition because that was the last chance to reprint it. It's a similar story for, like, half the contents of FTV: Realms.

Oh, man, Caller of the Claw is pretty real in my Animar EDH.
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Re: TTC 107 - Standard/Highlander Deck Tech

Postby ZZ9PluralZAlpha » 01 Nov 2015, 15:03

Nice decks, interesting to see standard sacrifice-tech in Mardu, when most people would tinker with the BFZ event deck and be lazy in Golgari.

I'm guessing it's too big and cumbersome, but I'd love to hear that Alex thought of something cool to do with Sekki, Seasons' Guide in the Highlander list.

Still, I was disappointed. When do we get BFZ nicknames?
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Re: TTC 107 - Standard/Highlander Deck Tech

Postby TheGeek » 02 Nov 2015, 00:21

For the Falkenrath Noble and Aristocratic looks like they goofed up the Japanese as well as that what you showed on screen, not the Chinese.
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Re: TTC 107 - Standard/Highlander Deck Tech

Postby erjhunter » 02 Nov 2015, 06:23

Oh man Time Spiral references. I put together a whole document of these at some point with the intent of writing an article, but never got around to it.

A few things from my dumb brain:
Foriysian Totem is pronounced Four-eyes-Ian Totem. Because its the Two Headed Giant of Foriys (Four-Eyes). Get it? Because he has two heads and thus four eyes...Its a dumb pun from early magic.

While Mindlash Sliver is a reference to Mindwhip Sliver and not Mindstab Thrull, there is a reference Mindstab Thrull in the set: Mindstab. Ha.

The reserved list: The way they decided what went on the list was to just take a certain % of the rares in every set prior to Masques. Mostly they tried to choose cards that they thought they wouldn't want to reprint, but for certain sets they just had to grab extra cards. So you ended up with Thunder Spirit on the reserve list.
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Re: TTC 107 - Standard/Highlander Deck Tech

Postby Jonci » 06 Nov 2015, 08:03

With Alex's Jund Highlander deck, I'm curious to if he's look at the GB Legendaries coming out with Commander 2015. Not sure if these are not fast enough for Highlander, but they seem like they'd synergize well. ... riest.html ... ltoth.html

EDIT: Or this guy: ... rinax.html
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