Sidewalk Slam 05 - Pre-Mania 2016

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Sidewalk Slam 05 - Pre-Mania 2016

Postby Paul » 04 Apr 2016, 10:35

Graham & Adam cover the last couple RAWs leading up to Wrestlemania 2016, and lay out their feelings and predictions heading to the biggest show of the year.
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Re: Sidewalk Slam 05 - Pre-Mania 2016

Postby unpronounceable » 04 Apr 2016, 16:16

Omnishamble is a fantastic word, and I will try to use it wherever I can from now on.

I feel like the noise from Adam's beard rubbing on the mic at 1:29:13 says more about his feelings on Eva Maria and the whole Diva's situation more than words ever could.
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Re: Sidewalk Slam 05 - Pre-Mania 2016

Postby DennyR » 05 Apr 2016, 07:30

I couldn't stop laughing at the reaction to explaining that the Total Divas match was set up on Main Event.
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Re: Sidewalk Slam 05 - Pre-Mania 2016

Postby Eric the Orange » 05 Apr 2016, 08:55

I'm glad they gave Shane stuff to show he's got a chance. now at least it seems possible that Shane could win the match straight. This means they can realistically go through with the match and it has dramatic stakes.

Also I am so, SO, glad that WWE seems to be taking women's wrestling seriously now. I mean it's not like Total Divas is gonna disappear tomorrow and all women wrestling for WWE will be their because of their skills as wrestlers, but it's a good step forward.

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