TTC - Mailbag Aug 2016

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TTC - Mailbag Aug 2016

Postby Paul » 30 Aug 2016, 07:41

Cam, Kathleen and Graham answer your questions and talk about Conspiracy: Take the Crown
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Re: TTC - Mailbag Aug 2016

Postby Zaghrog » 31 Aug 2016, 06:33

Domri Rade came to mind as a huggable Planeswalker. Also, I think Chandra will totally reciprocate a hug if she feels like it. If you don't appear too authoritarian she'll probably be fine hugging you.
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Re: TTC - Mailbag Aug 2016

Postby BenMarc » 02 Sep 2016, 09:20

Wasteland is from Tempest block, Cam.

A good way to remember the order of Urza's block is to keep in mind that the three sets were in reverse-alphabetical order.

Laccolith Rig can go on an opponent's creature, and you'll still be the one choosing what gets burned.

You missed Laccolith Grunt, Paul! You're losing your touch!

I love how you guys immediately can tell that Coiling Woodworm is bad, but had to think about whether or not a crappy lifegain spell was good.

Ajani was only Vengeant after his brother was murdered. He doesn't have anger management issues; he was just going through the five stages of grief. It was a one-time thing. He is, by a wide margin, the nicest planeswalker. Tibalt doesn't need or want hugs; he doesn't care if people think his card is bad. If anything, he was probably a terrible card on purpose, to troll players. I'm pretty sure Kiora's more serious than the average 'walker. Also, how could you not mention Nissa, who may be reluctant to accept a hug, but absolutely needs one. And Teferi would totally be good with hugs. He's generally a chill bro who would be great to hang out with, provided you don't mind the occasional prank. The planeswalkers who need hugs the most are easily Elspeth, Jace, and Karn. In that order. Elspeth has had the worst life, losing literally everything she ever cared about. Jace is basically MtG's Charlie Brown; he can't go one week without catching a tough break. And Karn has seen some shit in his long life. His frown may be sculpted on, but even if it wasn't, he'd probably be constantly frowning anyway.

My favorite token.

I've found that thinking you can take advantage of Naar Isle is a thought process that almost always gets you killed. You think, "Well, I have the highest life total, so I'm in the least danger." Or, "Someone else will planeswalk away." But then the isle gets up to a bajillion counters, and then it doesn't matter who has what life total, what matters is who dies to Naar Isle first. Because when the isle gets hot enough to one-shot players, the person to the right of the first casualty (or left, if the turn order is going counter-clockwise) wins every time. Because Naar Isle gets the extra counter even if its trigger kills you. And if the upkeep trigger kills a player, then they don't get a chance to try to planeswalk away before it's the next person's turn to take damage, and probably die.

The best thing that ever happened in Planechase was this one game where my friend tapped the last of his mana to roll the planar die one last time before ending his turn. He got the planeswalk symbol, revealing Chaotic Æther. He groaned, of course, since he had no more mana to roll the die anymore. And it was well into the game, so the guy to his left had plenty of mana to get plenty of chaos rolls. When the next plane revealed was Otaria, everyone joined in the groaning. Our buddy was about to get at least a whole turn of rolling chaos, and would win off the back of a ludicrous amount of extra turns. His very first roll... was the planeswalk symbol. He didn't get even one extra turn. We all had a good laugh about that.
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