sWs Ep26 - PayBacklash 2017

Discussion of our pro wrestling pod/vidcast Sidewalk Slam, and pro wrestling in general.
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sWs Ep26 - PayBacklash 2017

Postby Graham » 29 Jun 2017, 02:16

Graham & Adam talk through the storylines and characters that brought us up to Payback 2017, and Backlash 2017.
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Re: sWs Ep26 - PayBacklash 2017

Postby theycallmejokke » 29 Jun 2017, 04:14

Ah Twitter is there any mystery you can't solve?
Was going a little crazy trying to the find the upload on Youtube, but Twitter to the rescue!
Still sucks that you have to deal with this ofcause.
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Re: sWs Ep26 - PayBacklash 2017

Postby Gap Filler » 01 Jul 2017, 09:43

Great to have you back guys.

Petty nitpick it'd have been nice to hear thoughts on TakeOver Chicago but frankly, that's a bauble bagatelle given what you guys had to go through to get this one outta the door and how much there was to cover just unpacking the hot mess of the supplemental draft.
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Re: sWs Ep26 - PayBacklash 2017

Postby MoxCubicZirconium » 23 Jul 2017, 08:11

Hey there! Loyal subscriber here, really enjoy the content you guys produce, it's such a great mix.
Well, big reason I thought I'd post on here is because I've had a very entertaining time watching/listening to your 'Sidewalk Slam" podcasts seeing as how I've been a pro wrestling podcaster myself for over 7 years. It's always refreshing to hear new opinions and observations from pro wrestling fans, especially when they sound as if they come from sane creatures and not ones that get 'too into' the product they're consuming.

I guess I should introduce myself at this point since the SN and subscriber proclamation may not say much.

My name is Doug Lackey and I am a columnist/podcaster for Wrestleview.com. At WV, we are not like your typical 'dirtsheets', we don't publish gossip... we only publish authenticated, newsworthy material. Injuries, contract negotiations, stories by verified news sources... we don't dabble in 'behind the curtain' shenanigans or 'this is what was supposed to happen' dribble.

I bring all of this up because I would really like to help contribute to the growth of your podcast... and no, I'm not talking about coming on as a guest or anything like that. I have my own for that. I was wondering if we could possibly help each other out in promoting our shows; Wrestleview promoting LoadingReadyRun, LoadingReadyRun promoting Wrestleview. During our podcasts would be the only times that we do so and honestly, our programs air at the same frequency... only reviewing WWE PPVs.

Below is a link to our most recent podcast reviewing 'Great Balls of Fire'

Continue the great work on everything you do and I can't wait to see your next 'Sidewalk Slam'!

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