This week our Panalysts decide how best to embody hopelessness in public art, plan for some radical wealth redistribution, and estimate how long it would take to have sex with their duplicates.

August 12, 2020

Best of Intentions Ep1 || Dice Friends

Our heroes become property owners in a desolate wasteland full of mutants and wild magic. Good[…]


August 10, 2020

Core 2021 Nicknames || TTC 326

Graham, Cameron, and Nelson share and experience the user-submitted nicknames for Core Set 2021.[…]


August 10, 2020

OHMSS (1969) || From Rewatch with Love Ep07

Graham & Matt dive into the much-maligned Bond-outing for George Lazenby, and realize that perhaps[…]


August 07, 2020

How to Build a Doubling Commander Deck || TTC Mini

Ben sits down with Graham and Nelson to go over some Double Masters cards that could make a fun[…]


August 07, 2020

Top Five 2XM Reprints for Highlander || North 100 Mini

Serge and Jer run down the top five spiciest Double Masters reprints, as relevant to Canadian[…]


August 07, 2020

History of Masters Sets with Gavin Verhey || TTC Mini

Graham sits down with WotC's Gavin Verhey to run down a brief history of Masters Sets. Produced[…]

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