October 07, 2019

ELD Limited || TTC 287

Graham and Cameron talk Throne of Eldraine limited, and other things too.
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February 24, 2020

Theros Beyond's Mythical Origins Part 1 || TTC 305

Graham, Cameron and Nelson discuss the links between Theros Beyond Death and the real world Greek[…]


February 21, 2020

Perfect Pairings || North 100 Ep90

Since Valentine's Day just passed, the North 100 crew talks about some of the things they love[…]


February 19, 2020

Heat Death Ep2 || Dice Friends

The crew explore New Eden and find a way back to Laudomia. Support LRR:[…]


February 17, 2020

Pioneer Update || TTC 304

Nelson gives Graham and Cameron an update on how Pioneer is shaping up after GP Phoenix. Article[…]


February 12, 2020

Heat Death Ep1 || Dice Friends

The crew of the company science ship Laudomia wakes from hypersleep on a mysterious space station.[…]


February 10, 2020

Theros Beyond Death Nicknames || TTC 303

The names have been submitted, the voting has finished, now it’s time to discover the Theros[…]

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