February 27, 2020

TakeOver Portland || sWs Ep53

Graham and Adam yell about TakeOver Portland, it’s wild!

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April 08, 2020

Farmer McFarmson's Farm Ep2 || Dice Friends

It’s time to sneak across the farm, and what better way to do that than by not sneaking across[…]


April 07, 2020

What is Ikoria? || TTC 311

Graham, James, Nelson and Cameron talk about Ikoria—what it is, what the card mechanics are,[…]


April 07, 2020

Cool Technology! || askLRR March 2020

You asked us questions, so Paul, Ian and Ben sat down to answer them. There was lots to talk about[…]


April 05, 2020

Empty Arena Podcast || sWs Ep54

Graham and Adam finally go over AEW Revolution, and get up to speed on what's going to happen[…]


April 01, 2020

Farmer McFarmson's Farm Ep1 || Dice Friends

The feed trough is overturned, and the geese are having none of it. Support LRR:[…]


April 01, 2020

Homelands Set Review || North 100 Ep93

Following the release of such powerful sets as Theros Beyond Death and Throne of Eldraine, the[…]

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