In our inaugural episode, Matt and Graham shake hands with Dr. No and are introduce to SPECTRE, a secret organization that will probably never come up again.

For a variety of deeper thoughts on the roles afforded to women in the Bond films, please check out this lengthy—but certainly not exhaustive—list of articles and papers!

Sarah Baynard, "Ms. 007: the evolution of female gender roles in James Bond films":

blog post by elleeelleeellee: "Sexism, Misogyny, and Objectification in the James Bond franchise":

Film Crit Hulk: "Staring into the id of a Boner Incarnate"

BFI Video: "The Unlovable James Bond":

Nuendorf, Gore, Dalessandro, Janstova, Snyder-Suhy: "Shaken and Stirred: A Content Analysis of Women’s Portrayals in James Bond Films":'s_Portrayals_in_James_Bond_Films/links/55f83f5f08aeafc8ac0bfb7e.pdf

JSTOR Daily: Benjamin Winterhalter: "The Marketable Misogyny of James Bond":

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