Welcome to Session 0 of Not A Drop To Drink.
In this session Jacob leads Adam, Cameron, Cori, and Heather through some of the mechanics of Vampire the Masquerade V5. Together they collaborate on their characters and convey what boundaries they want to put in place for the game.
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StoryTeller: Jacob Burgess (https://twitter.com/JacobBurgessVO)
Adam Savidan (https://twitter.com/WakeUpSuper)
Cameron Lauder (https://twitter.com/UnarmedOracle)
Coriander Dickinson (https://twitter.com/apsalar)
Heather Dery (https://twitter.com/LunarJade)

Character Art: Amy Wilkins (https://www.artstation.com/amywilkinsart)
Music: Ryan Ike (https://twitter.com/RyanIkeComposer)
Logo Design: Meredith Gerber (https://twitter.com/MeredithGerber)
Titles: Featherweight (https://twitter.com/Featherweight_)

Technical Lead: Paul Saunders
Sound & Lighting: Keith Houghton

Location Crew:
James Turner (https://twitter.com/James_LRR)
Brendan “Beej Dery (https://twitter.com/tuxbeej)

Produced by :
Graham Stark (https://twitter.com/Graham_LRR)
Jacob Burgess

Thanks to The Belfry Theatre

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