Join Adam, Paul and Beej in this amazing adventure of deadly delights. Maybe they can find all 100 gnomes.
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March 02, 2021

Kaldheim Origins PT2 || TTC 349

Graham, Cameron, and Nelson wrap the Kaldheim real-world origins, and talk about some upcoming[…]


March 02, 2021

Good Brain Juice || askLRR February 2021

You asked us questions, so Nelson, Adam, and Matt sat down to answer them. Support LRR:[…]


February 24, 2021

Alien: First Law - Session 2 || Dice Friends

The Corbinec terraforming team makes the best decisions based on the information they have, and[…]


February 22, 2021

Royal Rumble 2021 || sWs Ep56

Graham, Adam, and Beej are HEEERRRRRE! To talk about the Royal Rumble, why they haven't been[…]


February 22, 2021

Bannings & Strixhaven || TTC 348

Graham, Cameron, Nelson, and Kathleen talk about the Big Ban Day, and the teasers of Strixhaven.[…]


February 17, 2021

Alien: First Law - Session 1 || Dice Friends

A strange organism has killed six members of the terraforming team on the distant colony world of[…]

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