An enchanted door separates Barnaby, Coh’Jak, Lailai, and Wallace from finding a way to end the Death Chattel.
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Dungeon Comrade / Written by: Nathaniel Kiss (
Shauntelle B as Lailai (
La'Ron Readus as Wallace (
Kortney Terry as Barnaby (
Noordin Ali Kadir as Coh'Jak (

Illustrations: Tiana Conyers (
Music: Silent Key
Technical Lead: Paul Saunders
Opening Titles: Graham Stark (

Audio Editing:
Kathleen De Vere (
Jordynne Hatton (

Video Editing:
Matt Griffiths (
Graham Stark

Online Admin: Heather Dery (

Produced by :
Kathleen De Vere

Executive Producers:
Graham Stark
Paul Saunders

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