Jace is divisive! Is he arrogant and uninteresting, or is he a jarringly friendly horse boy? The answer is both. We sat down with Alison Lührs, author of the Ixalan stories and the Outlaws of Thunder Junction epilogues to talk about Jace the character, and what makes him tick.

Kathleen hosts Michelle Rapp and Number 1 Jace expert Radley as an expert Vorthos panel.
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Alison Lührs:
Magic Story Author and Jacexpert
Twitter - https://twitter.com/alisontheperson
Destiny 2 Narrative Director

Number 1 Jace Beleren Fan and Jace expert
Twitter - https://twitter.com/spacebeleren
Tumblr - https://www.tumblr.com/wielderofmysteries
Helper on MTGLore.com

Michelle Rapp:
Old Lady of Lore, Color Pie Baker and Jace Analyst
Twitter - https://twitter.com/kilnfiendpotter
Artist, Writer and Harassed Young Mother

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