March 07, 2014

TTC - Mailbag

The LRR crew answers your Magic questions from Twitter!

August 02, 2021

JumpStart: Historic Horizons || TTC 370

Graham and Nelson are joined by Wheeler to talk about Wizards' wild new direction for Arena with[…]


August 02, 2021

Emoji Solutions || askLRR July 2021

You asked us questions, so Heather, Graham, and Cameron sat down to answer them. Support LRR:[…]


July 31, 2021

AFR Set Review PT3 || North 100 Ep126

Part 3 of our AFR set review is here. In this episode we cover Green and Gold cards. Support LRR:[…]


July 26, 2021

D&D Lore & Memories PT1 || TTC 369

Graham and Cameron are joined by Jeremy Petter to talk about the D&D origins behind some of the[…]


July 24, 2021

Holidate || The Endorphin Report

Cynthia and Daniel discuss the 2020 romantic comedy Holidate starring Emma Roberts and Luke[…]


July 23, 2021

AFR Set Review PT2 || North 100 Ep125

The North 100 crew are back to share their thoughts on the Adventures in the Forgotten Realm in[…]

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