Paul, Graham, and Kathleen recount the stories behind some of their best/worst physical injuries.

June 03, 2020

Fang & Claw Ep1 || Dice Friends

Doctor Fang has some nice, easy jobs for our heroes. How many can they complete in one session?[…]


June 01, 2020

A Very Fetching Lair || TTC 319

Graham, Nelson, and Cameron talk a little more about Fetchlands, before going over the Secret Lair[…]


May 31, 2020

They Are Crunchy || askLRR May 2020

You asked us questions, so Beej, Cameron, and Heather sat down to answer them.


May 27, 2020

Farmer McFarmerson's Farm Ep8 || Dice Friends

In the final episode of Farmer McFarmson’s Farm, Queen Midnight needs the Chosen One to save[…]


May 25, 2020

Bans, Tournies, and Masters || TTC 318

Graham, Nelson, and Cameron discuss the recent Banned & Restricted changes, the upcoming Arena[…]


May 20, 2020

Farmer McFarmerson's Farm Ep7 || Dice Friends

The PCs are charged with keeping a single stalk of corn safe until morning. How hard could it be?[…]

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